Thursday 30 May 2013

Juxtapose: Morgentaler and Tiller

Nothing could be starker in a comparison between the US and Canada.

Yesterday, Dr Henry Morgentaler died at home at the age of 90. (The best profile I've read is by Sandra Martin.)

Four years ago tomorrow, Dr George Tiller was gunned down in the vestibule of his church.

In coverage of Dr Morgentaler, Canadian media seem to want to stir things up, giving equal time to fetus fetishists to sanctimoniously offer condolences while lying their asses off about the growing strength of their movement.

Here's CBC's Power and Politics interviewing Carolyn Egan and Alyssa Golob.

But here is the thing. Despite anti-choice lies and sneaky back-door attempts to reopen the debate, abortion is a totally dead issue in Canada.

In fact, support for unrestricted abortion is actually 'skyrocketing'. From October 2012:
A Forum Research poll for the National Post recently asked 1,735 randomly selected Canadians 18 years of age or older when abortion should be legal.

A full 60% of Canadians said always.

That’s surprisingly high. Even more surprising: That number’s skyrocketed in recent months. In a similar Forum poll conducted last February, only 51% of Canadians took that position.
Yes, we have more work to do on access. And yes, we will remain eternally vigilant because the fetus fetishists will NEVER give up.

But Canada is undoubtedly pro-choice. And we have Dr Morgentaler and countless others to thank for that.


Shelda said...

Dr.Morgentaler was a real human who cared about women.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Morgentaler was a hero and possibly the bravest man ever to have called Canada home. Here's to him!

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