Sunday, 3 March 2013

Vic Toews: Opposition didn't stop us from appointing a crook

When I saw this tweet, I thought Stephen was kidding.

He's not. (Bold mine.)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper downplayed concerns Thursday over an arrest warrant for Arthur Porter, the former head of the committee that oversees Canada's spy agency.

While Harper was minimizing worries about Porter's top secret security clearance and privy councillor status, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews attacked the opposition parties for not challenging the government on the appointment when they had the chance in 2008.
Don't that beat all?

The Corrupt Party of Canada has reached the nadir of Opposition-blaming, I think.


Kev said...

Hmm That one ranks right up there with with blaming the opposition for the corruption displayed by several of Harper's Senate appointments.

If only the opposition would stop opposing our Senate reform agenda and let us strip the power from the PM to make these obviously lousy choices.

Even Terry Jones at the height of his comic genius couldn't have come up with material this farcical

Niles said...

...Reached the nadir of Opposition blaming???

Don't make it a bloody challenge to them. They have not yet begun to externalize their blame.

fem_progress said...

1. Duceppe questioned it.

2. Toews admits implicitly they are not doing their job.

fem_progress said...

And the Cons have a 200-page manual on how to sabotage Patliamentary committees.

Then they blame the opposition.

Orwellian novspeak.

fem_progress said...

Did I forget to add this in my comment?

Godel Noodle said...

There are no words... I guess if we all have to die, may as well die laughing.

I'm guessing there are no other fans of "The Order of the Stick" here, but it reminded me somewhat of this strip.

[Note: If you're new to The Order of the Stick, don't base your opinion on that particular strip. The comic starts off as a succession of cheap D&D jokes, but the author develops into an incredible story-teller rather quickly.]

Anyway, we've clearly reached the point at which the Conservatives could launch abruptly into self-parody and the shift would be impossible to detect.

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