Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"No Free Ride" — brilliant!

From one of Canada's respected, award-winning veteran film-makers, this video about Hudak's morally vacuous ideological position with regard to Ontario workers.
Together, Hillier and Hudak make the specious argument that Ontario’s declining manufacturing sector and rising unemployment, relative to other provinces, can be blamed on unions. Their analysis ignores the upheavals of globalization, the appreciation of the Canadian dollar, and the commodity booms that benefited other regions.

And it conveniently overlooks the historical reality that in Ontario’s boom times, the private sector was far more heavily unionized than it is today. Competing against right-to-work states won’t prepare Ontario’s highly educated workforce for the high-tech, high-value jobs of tomorrow.
More here, and here.

The federal Cons who are facilitating the destruction of the Canadian manufacturing industry are now bellowing and bleating about a lack of skilled workers.  This fatuous disinformation ploy is their opening volley in a tactical attack upon post-secondary educational institutions and programs.  More spin to follow, as their disingenuous communications campaign is rolled out.

Harper and Finley's real goal is to justify their greedy grab for the Employment Insurance budget of $2.5-billion it transfers to the provinces for skills training. 

Bruce McDonald.  His impressive filmography includes many movies that I have watched, and rewatched over the years particularly _Trigger_ about two regretful punk rocker grrrls, with the luminous Molly Parker and the incandescent Tracy Wright.

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Beijing York said...

Thanks for this, dBO. I love Bruce McDonald and it's good to see him flexing his activist muscle.

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