Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hey! You Guys! Stop That! Or . . .

Despite attempted blocking by misogynists from Iran, Syria, Russia, and the Vatican Taliban, there has finally been an agreement at the UN's Commission on the Status of Women meeting.
NGO ActionAid welcomed news that the CSW had managed to reach an agreement, following the failure of members to do so last year. The commission took up the topic of ending violence against women in 2003.
It should be shocking that ten bloody -- and I mean bloody -- years later ending violence against women is a contentious issue.

But, sadly, it's not.

And I have some news for Vivian Thabet.
Vivian Thabet, women's rights programme director at CARE-Egypt, said: "It has been sad to see some governments at the CSW attempting to unravel longstanding international commitments to protecting women and girls. Women's rights have become a kind of bartering chip to be traded away for political agendas that have little or nothing to do with the interests and wellbeing of women and girls."
Women's rights aren't becoming bartering chips, they always were and still fucking are. See, for example, the Excited States, where women's healthcare rights were aborted to get Obama's 'reform' package passed.

Still, we grrils should be grateful that a buncha countries are at least giving lip service to the notion that maybe beating, raping, killing, and starving women and girls is to be frowned on.

Yeah. That'll work.

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