Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Defund Abortion: 95% Less MASSIVE!

So, how did the promised MASSIVER second annual defund abortion bunfest turn out today at Queen's Park?

You be the judge.

First (and only?) report:
Despite wind, sleet, and temperatures of minus six, more than 350 people attended the Defund Abortion Rally organized by Campaign Life Coalition Youth at Queen’s Park on March 19.

While the crowd was small at the start of the noon-hour event, causing concern among organizers, it quickly grew during the presentations of the first two speakers.
That must be something of a letdown after last year's MASSIVE showing.
TORONTO, Ontario, October 24, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Over 2,000 pro-life Ontarians stormed Queen’s Park on Saturday, calling on the province’s politicians to ‘Defund abortion!’
. . .
The crowd, estimated at 2,300 by CLC national president Jim Hughes, called on Queen’s Park to drop abortion from the list of procedures covered by provincial tax dollars.

'Stormed' might have been a better verb for this year's -- actually last year's -- event. It was originally scheduled for just after the expected landslide win for Tim Hudork as premier. Hm. Hurricane Sandy caused the postponement of that jollification. (Though the people of Ontario kinda had a hand in it by rejecting the Hudork as just too creepy.)

And at the rescheduled event, bad weather may have delayed or cancelled the battalions of Catlick school kids on buses.

It is a cruel gawd they worship, isn't it?

Or maybe She's not and She's trying to tell them something.

ADDED: Joyce Arthur provides the talking points for fully funding abortion.

UPDATE: Oh dear. From fetus fetishist friendly Stun News a different number of ralliers.
Around 200 pro-life advocates gathered around noon as part of a two-hour demonstration organized by the anti-abortion group, Campaign Life Coalition.
Not 350? The organizers lied inflated the count by 75%? Say it ain't so.

Image source, @blissblogs posted at 12:15 pm.


choice joyce said...

Thanks fern! I got a request from Sun News for a statement and basically told them that this campaign to defund abortion is naive and misinformed and won't succeed because it's oblivious to all the reasons abortion can't or shouldn't be defunded.(http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/why-abortion-must-be-funded.html)

Out of curiosity, I notice you use the word "bunfest" not infrequently, and I realized I have no idea what that means. So looked it up: "A situation in which there are many woman, and very few men, present." Or: "A large number of vagines, or buns, with an extreme shortage of peni, or sausages." ;-)

fern hill said...

'Bunfest' comes from my mother's rural Ontario upbringing. I thought it was a synonym for 'knees-up'.

I like your definition better. :-)

Sixth Estate said...

Appearances can be deceiving. Maybe they're counting some eggs as people?

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