Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dark Deeds! Pulled Strings! Conspiracy!

Aaaand the temper tantrums and dark allegations on the demise of Warawa's Wank begin.

The question was brought up unexpectedly at the Sub-Committee on Private Members’ Business on the day the government is set to release its budget for 2013, meaning newsrooms across the country are locked up.

The sub-committee vote, believed to be at the instigation of the Prime Minister’s Office, was unanimous.
Oo. 'Unexpectedly'! And during the budget lock-up!

Fun, isn't it, when fetus fetishists -- themselves masters of sneaky, back-door tactics -- get a little payback.

Also. They're lying. I asked Kady O'Malley whether it was unexpected.

Indeed, she posted an alert this morning in her Orders of the Day and, in fact, covered it with the ensuring report here.

And here's Warawa himself alleging that democracy itself is in serious peril and vowing -- vowing I tell you! -- to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Well, no. But it may get very interesting.

From Kady's report:
In any case, Warawa has the right to appeal the decision of the subcommittee -- which, I'm told, he will all but certainly do -- by making the case for reconsideration before the full procedure and house affairs committee within five days of the subcommittee report being tabled thither.

If he fails to persuade the committee to overturn the ruling, Warawa can put the question to the House of Commons as a whole -- provided, that is, that he has the support of at least five MPs -- by filing a motion with the speaker, who will then proceed to call for a vote, which is conducted via secret ballot over the next two days.
Secret ballot! Wot fun!


the regina mom said...

Oh, I had to go a'hunting at LifeShite and looky here!!!

Laura Alison Welch Heather Hancock • 2 hours ago

We got a Conservative PM, and we haven't done any better. Time for Stephen Harper to go, and for pro-lifers to be more discerning before supporting such a person for leadership again.

I really want to help them with that "time for Stephen Harper to go" biz. Suggestions?

Purple library guy said...

Well, the only way they're going to get rid of Harpo is for the Conservatives to lose an election. They need to organize a vote abstention campaign. I'll cheer them on.

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