Thursday, 21 February 2013

Office of Religious Freedom

deBeauxOs added a link to this splendid new creation by Stephen Lautens to a recent post, but it really needs to seen in all its glory. (It continues to perplex me how link-averse many people are.)

More wonderful Demotivational Conservative Posters here.


Anonymous said...

Great poster!

Makes one wonder if the latter day soon to be unemployed Touchdown Jesus, Tim Tebow, isn't miffed that Steve didn't appoint Him (bypass the CFL & go straight to Go(d) and all that good stuff...)

Chuck McVety would have been a fun choice too for pure cheap laffs and entertainment value.

Seriously though, what is the CPC end game? Thinking this Orwellian wank/waste of precious tax $ ain't gonna appeal to much of anybody in terms of votes and will probably send most people running for the exits. Hoping the mostly useless opposition is paying attention and will use this gift and campaign accordingly.


fern hill said...

Entertainingly, not even SUZYALLCAPS likes this idea.

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