Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Mansplaining on Superb Owl Day

After yesterday's Twitter brouhaha, Carolyn Bennett commented at the NatPo and reproduced it on her blog.
Today on Twitter Mr. Kay asked :"if you can find an incorrect sentence in my article, identify it. The misleading sentence is "It is perfectly legal in Canada to have or perform an abortion — for any reason, or no reason at all — at 20, 25, 30 or 35 weeks gestation". I am totally fed up with 'lawyered' assertions that totally misrepresent the facts. While in Canada, we do not have a law, we do have very strict professional guidelines. No physician in Canada can terminate a pregnancy over 24 weeks without serious indications: the life of the mother at risk, or the fetus has very serious malformations. I have sat with these women as they received the terrible news and sat with them throughout the terrible long, tear drenched process. Mr. Kay's assertion that late trimester abortions can be performed 'for any reason, or no reason at all' is just not true. I challenge him to find ONE late trimester abortion perfomed in Canada to a healthy mother with a healthy fetus. I am one of many politicians 'willing to tackle' this subject. He needs to be one of many journalists who are prepared to admit when their fine prose may have misled Canadians this case admit that late-trimester abortions are NOT happening in Canada without 'reason'.

Kay takes note and intends to reply.

Oh boy, more mansplaining. On Superb Owl Day to boot.

I will update later or at least link.

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Beijing York said...

Good to see Carolyn Bennett discussing this and putting Kay in his place. He is disingenuous at best if not a malicious manipulator at worst. Either way, he is misrepresenting the facts to get people stirred up.

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