Monday, 18 February 2013

LifeShite Libels Dr Carhart

I am not a lawyer, but this isn't libel I'll eat my hat.

Dr Carhart should sue.


Námo Mandos said...

IANAL either but I suspect it may be lawsuit bait? These people love grandstanding.

fern hill said...

You may be right. Then they can SHRIEEEK: We are the Victims!

But really, this case has driven them delirious with joy and malice. Over the top, even for them.

choice joyce said...

Clinics may often advise patients to call them first before going to an Emergency dept, because hospitals tend to overtreat for abortion complications - partly because they have so little experience with them and don't know what's normal in terms of bleeding etc, and partly because anti-abortion staff will overreact and 'punish' the woman with unnecessary or drastic treatment.

Dr. Carhart does have a horse business, so who knows, maybe that's the best number to reach him after hours if a patient has a problem. It's nobody's business but his anyway!

fern hill said...

Thanks, Joyce, I didn't know that but it makes perfect sense.

Sixth Estate said...

Aside from the weirdness of an abortion doc who also owns a horse business (is this the deep South, or what?), some would argue that a doctor who gives patients his phone number and tells them to call if there's a problem is actually an extremely GOOD standard of care, not a bad one. I certainly don't have my doctor's home number.

Sarah Rose said...

There is Buzz on the Pro-life sites that they will sue Dr. Carhart as well, over what who knows, so perhaps Karma will win out this time and LeRoy will sue them.

I would also think that Jennifer's family has plenty to sue these anti-choice terrorists over as well. They should at the very least press criminal charges for stalking. Because stalked she was.

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