Saturday, 2 February 2013

How many ways does the National Post get it wrong?

Exhibit A

The headline: "quandry"? Is that something like a quandary?

Exhibit B

The photo: its caption reads "Anti-abortion protesters attend the March for Life on Jan. 25, 2013 in Washington, DC." 

Were the excitable young Canadian people who staffed the FetusMobile (aka the Whine-a-bago) Gore Tour across Canada last spring not photogenic enough for the National Post's exacting standards of attractiveness?

Exhibit C

The content: facile misdirection, truthiness and glib obfuscations faxed directly from the Fetus Lobby HQ aka MP Maurice Vellacott's office.

One physician, a medical specialist in obstetrics refuted the assumptions made by the three con MPs in their letter to the RCMP.  He asked for anonymity; antiChoice zealots have a history of directing violence against health care professionals who don't share their views.

If newspapers could be charged with committing crimes against journalism, the National Post's lawyers would be very, very wealthy.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A quandry it a place where quands are mined.

Beijing York said...

I find that photo really disturbing. The smirk on the guy fist pumping (the back end of "LIFE") is quite creepy. They look like they're at a pep rally for a football game.

Photos of people fighting for civil rights in the 60s or those standing vigil in protest of capital punishment never captured such happy enthusiasm.

fern hill said...

BY: Yeah, I find it disturbing too. They're having waaay too much fun.

deBeauxOs said...

They can't be all jolly because ... MURDERED BABEEZ!!!

Oh but wait... They get to slag women for being murderesses, that probably why so pumped.

Sixth Estate said...

Looks like standard issue fundy cultism to me. The fact that the women are all in the background of the picture also seems somehow unintentionally fitting.

Anonymous said...

When they come to the realization that all their protests and stupid MP tricks aren't working, they probably won't look so joyful. It's funny that in the same week Harper is trying to soften his image, he get's slathered in anti-choice bullshit from his own people once again. When is he going to wake up and see that the Cons are starting to look every bit as obsessed with abortion as the Republicans are in the U.S. Doesn't win elections.

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