Monday, 7 January 2013

The Answer: not a CON minister.

Must read from Sixth Estate today.

Question of the day: Is Theresa Spence’s Alleged Fiscal Mismanagement Serious Because She is an Indian, or Because She Is Not a Conservative Cabinet Minister? 

Everything you knew and or suspected about the odious, vile tactics of Harper's Politburo is exposed, with regard to this tactical leak to the media.

Next question of the day: Why is the "Indian" Peter Penashue getting preferential treatment from Elections Canada?

Answer: He is a CON minister.

Added: The graphic above.

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Beijing York said...

I literally cringed when I heard about this leaked audit on the CBC Radio 8:00 am broadcast. I wanted to throw that freaking radio against the wall.

First of all, the blatant attempt to discredit Chief Spence was so painfully obvious. Secondly, the fact that the CBC was so quick to be Harper's water carrier just annoyed me beyond belief. It was reported with no context or analysis, that of which Sixth Estate provides in spades.

The way it was reported was just sickening. Was it $100 million unaccounted for or something like that? This was over more than a five year period for funding that covered every single aspect of living in a community: health, water and sewage, housing, education, etc. The tight leash reserves are on with such minimal funding is a disgrace. To see this story spun as if millions of dollars were siphoned off to some offshore tax haven is disgusting.

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