Thursday, 3 January 2013

State Expropriation of Our Uteruses, Israeli Style

It just get more and more blatant.

Israel's two chief rabbis, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, have come out in support of the controversial Efrat organization, which opposes abortion in Israel.
. . .
Organizers of the right-wing Jerusalem Conference, sponsored by Israel National News and the B'Sheva newspaper, recently announced their plan to award their "Jerusalem Prize" to Efrat.
. . .
The Efrat organization achieved notoriety in October after an 18-year-old, Raz Atias, threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend and commit suicide. Atias was killed in a shootout with police on Oct. 19, while his girlfriend survived, in shock, but unharmed. It later turned out that the couple had been suffering great emotional distress after the girl was pressured by the Efrat organization not to have an abortion.
. . .
Two weeks ago, Israel Hayom published an investigative report describing the emotional manipulation that the organization's volunteers employ against vulnerable girls and women considering abortions.

The investigation found that Efrat receives extensive cooperation from municipal welfare services and hospitals, and that Efrat volunteers even work inside hospitals to persuade girls and women not to have abortions. Efrat has an army of 3,000 volunteers, and a budget of more than 12 million shekels [$3.2 million US] per year received from contributions in Israel and abroad.
Typical anti-choice tactics.

And the motive is pretty clearly political pronatalism.
Here's EFRAT's mission.
EFRAT, The Organization to Save Israel's Babies, receives no government assistance and is dependent upon private donations and contributions. Dr. Eli Schussheim, President of EFRAT firmly believes that our children are our future. "Saving our children is the answer to those who wish to destroy all Jews; adults, children and babies, born and unborn. By assisting women we are doing our part to increase the Jewish population in Israel."

Feminists plan to protest the award.
“The worst part is that they’re using the woman for demographics,” said protest organizer Tzaphira Allison Stern. “Why shouldn’t a woman have an abortion? Because we need the baby so there are more Jews, and so there are more Israeli soldiers, so we can defend the land and continue the occupation.”

Stern added that the organization works only with Jewish women, rather than with Arab, Druse or Christian women, which illustrates that they care only about politics and not about women’s health.

Have a look at all the cute presumably Jewish children on its website.

Jewish perhaps, but not many (any?) Ethiopian Jewish children.

Here is an account of what it's like to get an abortion in Israel.

I experienced this firsthand a few years ago, and I can confirm that a single woman in Israel seeking an abortion experiences a bureaucratic tangle of dizzying proportions that is nothing short of Kafkaesque.
And she's in a relationship but not married. How it is for married women?
But what happens to women who don’t get approval to abort? While waiting in one of the endless lines during the process, other good Jewish women carrying unwanted pregnancies told me that married women never get authorization. They have to prove nothing less than insanity or significant physical disability to get approval for an abortion.
Everywhere, it seems, women's uteruses are being expropriated by the state.

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