Friday, 18 January 2013

Self-portrait with cropped hair.

Frida Kahlo. Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair. 1940

It was over three years ago that Lhasa de Sela died of cancer at the age of 37.  My post.

I have been thinking a lot about Lhasa recently; the Idle No More movement as well as the season's reminder of family members and friends who died in December and January stir these memories.

In late November, I viewed the AGO exhibition Frida and Diego  with my daughter.

It was an intense and powerful learning experience; if you're able to see it before it closes on January 20th, do go!

Frida's shorn hair self-portrait is echoed in Lhasa's performance here.


the salamander said...

What a lovely remembrance ...
How powerful are the links you provide
so one like me could see/hear such vibrance ..

Is anything Wrong.. is anything Right
and How will we Know ?

Made me feel .. made me think ..
but that's what artists do for me

Thanks for showing me a Canadian artist
and she's a precious one ..
We need them so badly ...

deBeauxOs said...

Did you check out the music videos and other resources about Lhasa, on the post I did two years ago?

I think you'll like them too, as well as the interview she gave to our blogging friend brebis noire.

the salamander said...

Of course I did .... !

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