Thursday, 31 January 2013

No Point

In perennially NON-breaking news, Canadians feel much the same about abortion as they have for years.

Which is basically: All's swell. Now can we please all STFU about it?

Only 23% of us know there are no legal restrictions on abortion at any time. That's actually an improvement. In 2010, just 21% of Canadians knew there are no restrictions.

And, still and forever, a tiny number of nutbars want to ban abortion altogether, nationally just 5%. But the regions are interesting. Atlantic Canada comes in as least banny at 1%, followed by Quebec at 2%, BC at 3%, and Saskitoba at 4%. Alberta is most prohibitionist at 10% with Ontario following at 7%.

There's a 'not sure' option to this question and, oddly, Atlantic Canada is least sure at 12%. Nationally, 6% are unsure.

The funding question -- always the best one for fetus fetishists -- remains evenly split with 43% in favour of always funding and 42% for funding only in medical emergencies. Those who want it completely defunded are again in the teensy minority -- 7%, beaten in this case by the 'not sures' at 8%. (Note for the Defund crowd Ontario Chapter: in this province, 9% want it defunded.)

Where Canadians are most united is in the 'Oh Shit Do We Have to Debate This Agaaaaain?' whine category.

Fifty-nine percent of us say there's no point (that was actually the phrase), while 30% are in the 'long overdue' crowd, with 11% not sure.

Again, the regions are interesting. BC is the most sick and tired of it at 67%, while surprisingly Quebec ranks highest in 'long overdue' at 35%.

And that's what DJ! and others have been saying: Fuck the debate. There is no point.


Anonymous said...

No debate, yet frustrating to see fetus-fetishists still getting elected. Note today's news that Steve "thou dost protest too much" Harper once again whack-a-moling the perennially hopeful strung-along choice deniers:

2 of the usual delusional & a newbie:

These freaks need to be called out at their nomination meetings, or during the election campaign at the latest.


Sixth Estate said...

You know, I'm actually getting very tired of this talk about the "abortion debate."

I for one would wholeheartedly welcome an abortion debate. My side would win.

But when these right-wing yahoos, talk about abortion, they're not talking about reopening a debate, they're talking about ending the debate by force of law.

Bit of a difference there.

ck said...

Ah, Wladislaw Lizon! He, who called the NDP a "communist pogrom" during that fillibuster over Bill C-6, legislating locked out postal workers. A flare for the dramatic.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Stevie may say he'll never open the abortion debate, but never ever said that he wouldn't allow his puppets to do so. That is quite evident as of late. If he were serious, M-312 never would've seen the light of day and neither would those other bills. Also, he would've put a muzzle on those 3 stooges and that letter to the RCMP never would've seen the light of day.

Remember, pro-choice MPs are usually the first to scream it off the roof tops and we know right away. I don't remember ever hearing Stevie say that he was pro-choice. Do you?

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