Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Follow the money!

Where are the cops forensic accountants when we need them?

As a quick-eyed reader points out here, if the privately-held Canadian companies whose executives accompanied Harper on his Panda-hugging Tour de Chine  photo op last year did reimburse the government (as many claim they did), where did our money go?
Some of those companies, including gold company Eldorado Gold Corp., said they insisted on paying their own way throughout the trip and are surprised to hear they appear on a government expense list.
“Our CEO Paul Wright paid ALL his expenses (meals, cab fares, accommodations and any other expenses) incurred on the trip,” Nancy Woo, vice-president of investor relations, wrote in an email.

“We, too, would find it an unreasonable expense for the taxpayer.”

Financial giant Manulife said it was their corporate policy to reimburse the government for any major expenses incurred by its executives, and is addressing the matter.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper walks away following a television interview with Mike Duffy in Ottawa in February 2007.

Whose deep, deep CON pockets did those thousands of dollars surreptiously slip into?

No wonder PMSHithead and his corrupt band of cheaters, liars, fraudsters and thieves are in no hurry to staff the position of Parliamentary Budget Officer.


Alison said...

It's not like they needed us to pay for their junket.

Bombardier CEO Pierre Beaudoin went. His salary/compensation package for the year 2012 was $8.17 million.

Námo Mandos said...

Only that much? I'm shocked. He's Doing It Wrong.

Pseudz said...

Great Photo . . . Steve appears to be using the Puffster as a 'roll'-model. And the Puffster likes it. Putting the add in ad hominem.

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