Saturday, 12 January 2013

Why does Alabama hate women?

Yesterday my co-blogger provided an overview of the abject anti-Choice situation in the US.

Today, there's news via state media and triumphallists at Lies-Site regarding a decision from the Alabama Supreme Court.
The Alabama Supreme Court ruled today that the state’s chemical endangerment of a child law also pertains to unborn children.

The law was intended to target situations in which children were exposed to conditions such as methamphetamine labs, but women also have been prosecuted for harming their children by using drugs during their pregnancies.

The court’s ruling upheld the convictions of two of those women, Hope Ankrom of Coffee County and Amanda Helaine Borden Kimbrough of Colbert County.

While the law itself makes no mention of unborn children, the court held in its decision that “the plain meaning of the word ‘child’ in the chemical endangerment statute includes unborn children.”
Alabama is one of the most chemically polluted regions in the US.  The rate of miscarriages and mutagenic birth defects is disgusting.  The poverty level, the lack of educational and employment opportunities as well as the shameful absence of adequate health services in that state, are shocking.

Funny how that goes. Hundreds of "unborn" are affected by the greedy, profitable corporations that malevolently poison the air, the ground and the water of Alabama yet the state chooses to criminalize and prosecute individual pregnant women.

Perhaps some enterprising folks should help women and families, who provide care to children with birth defects caused by environmental "chemical endangerment", to lawyer up for the purpose of litigating against corporations that have damaged fetal development in those gestated and born in Alabama.

If that were to start happening, you can bet that "christian" legislators aka wealthy businessmen & politicians, would tweak the application of their Supreme Court decision, to ensure that corporate entities be exempt from any form of accountability, fetal harm and endangerment be damned!

Note: I had considered posting photographs of infants and babies with mutagenic birth defects, à la SUZYALLCAPS for blunt force emotional manipulative effect; after perusing some Google images, I could not.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone needs to remind those polluting corporations that if they are "people" they could be held responsible for mutated children? Surely there must be some ambulance chasers with sufficiently large balls or enough chutzpah?

e.a.f. said...

Alabama is one of the most corrupt states in the USA. Women are very poorly treated. Divorce your billionaire husband, wind up on food stamps. Divorce your husband & wind up in jail, illegally for 5 months.

How women are treated in Alabama is just beyond the pale of things. I just consider the Taliban moved to Alabama because women in Alabama are treated alsmost as badly as the Taliban treat women in the middle east.

I follow a blog, Legal Schnauzer, which reports on the corruption in Alabama & how poorly women are treated in that state.

Ambulance chasers may be willing to take on a case but the judges in Alabama are corrupt, you can check some of their rulings on Legal Schnauzer. It doesn't matter that the rules violate the law, the judges just don't care. They take care of themselves & their friends.

Alabama is just one step up from the Taliban. That President Obama hasn't dealt with the issues in Alabama are really a stain on his presidency.

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