Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The RAPEublican Train Wreck

While all the paid pundits are huffing and puffing about what went right for Obama and wrong for Romney, I'd like to offer my humble opinion.

The RAPEublicans' social policy was idiotic and DOOMED.

Federally, and in many state houses, they've been waging a relentless War on Women, culminating in an astonishing attack on contraception.

Elsewhere, several of their Neanderthal candidates fatally flapped their yaps on rape and magic lady parts.

They doubled down on Teh Geys, just as support for equal marriage grew to be the majority view.

They ignored all demographics except angry white men -- among whom, admittedly, they did well -- characterizing the rest as 'takers, not makers'.

They continued -- or didn't refute -- the moronic Tea Bagger demonization of Democrats in general and Obama in Islamic-atheist-babykilling particular.

Romney himself lied and lied and lied. And when he wasn't lying, he wasn't forthcoming with any details -- or tax returns.

In short, the RAPEublicans wrote off or pissed off just about everybody but white men.


(The Democrats weren't such geniuses themselves, but made some smart moves. This is a fascinating account of both campaigns and what they did and didn't get right.)

There's much hoo-hawing on the toobz today about shifting demographics, but there's one demographic that has not shifted. Women still make up just over half the population.

And they voted for Obama. The so-called gender gap was 18 per cent, up from 12 per cent in the 2008 election.

For me, the Republican campaign was the proverbial slow-motion train wreck. It couldn't succeed.

As far as I could see, they had only two aces in the hole: REALLY low voter turn-out and/or MASSIVE vote tampering.

As the WaPo story details, the Dems had a brilliant get-out-the-vote strategy and it worked a treat.

But despite that good work, I think some of the turn-out can be attributed to voters mortally offended at being dissed so thoroughly.

I think millions of Americans said to selves: 'OK, mutherfuckers, you don't want me and people like me to vote? I've got something to say about that.'

And they did.

Or as luna said last night:

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deBeauxOs said...

Great post, virtual roomie!

As only a person with dual citizenship can write it.

I am relieved my dire fears, expressed in yesterday's post, did not materialize.

Anonymous said...

But half the vote went to these dinosaurs. It shouldn't be that close, and that makes me sad. No wait, angry.

Beijing York said...

I got tired with the Democratic vote from women being described as "the single woman" vote. The implication seems to suggest that married women in the US are god-fearing, subservient fembots who couldn't possibly support reproductive rights. Obviously, it was all those heathen whores aka single women who headed to the polls to vote for Obama.

Beijing York said...

Further to my observation, the peddling of that meme seems to have set off this men's rights, god warrior to rant about the 'slut vote':

Anonymous said...

"I think some of the turn-out can be attributed to voters mortally offended at being dissed so thoroughly."

You think? Hmm! Let's count the way the Reichpubliscums stepped on their own winkie with their awesome touchy-feely appeals to different sectors of the electorate:

1) "Women! Fetch! Obey! Bend Over! for such is what God intended." Gee! We've got some winner right there, ain't we?

2) "The 47% who are moochers, lazy fuckers and irresponsible douches." We'll brush aside the inconvenient fact that said 47% included...let me see again...seniors, veterans, low income workers, etc. etc. Watch out Brotha O, it's strike two!! MUHAHAHA!

3) We've shown you what you people needed to know. (Ann Romney on Mittens' tax returns) It's this "you people" that gave so many people, this warm and fuzzy feeling's called nausea!

The GOP didn't listen to Biggie Small 5th commandment:
"Don't get high on yo own supply!"

and they now gotta go to intensive rehab. It's gonna hurt.

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