Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Pro-life' My Ass

Disgust and shame are warring in my head over this. I think disgust is winning.
An attempt to remove the obstacles that prevent Canadian generic drug companies from copying life-saving pharmaceuticals and shipping them to the world’s poorest countries at cut-rate prices has been defeated by the Conservative government.

A private member’s bill sponsored by New Democrat MP Hélène Laverdière that aimed to correct the many flaws in Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime went down to a narrow defeat Wednesday evening when all but seven members of the Conservative caucus voted against it.
So. The renegade seven surely included all those CON stalwarts of protecting life from conception to natural death, yes?

Um, no.

The yeas:

Mike Allen
James Bezan
Michael Chong (ranked as pro-choice by ARCC)
Ben Lobb
Maurice Vellacott
David Wilks
Terrence Young

Well, look at that. Vellacott actually voted what all fetus fetishists would like us to think is a conscience. He actually voted for cheaper life-saving drugs for poor people.

Funny, the Big Noise anti-choicers are not on the list. Not Bruinooge, not Woodworth, not Warawa, not Trost, not Ambrose. All voted against.

And not one CON woman voted for.

Yep. Disgust is winning.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

All we are saying
Is give death a chance!

- "Right to Lifers"

k'in said...

The anti-generic bias has been entrenched in Can Cons for quite some time. Remember Bills C-22 & C-91 passed back in the eighties by the Brian Mulroney government despite strong opposition?

Speaking of Mulroney, apparently he is still touting for big pharma:

Maybe just a simple matter that Woodworth & his ilk caved in to the "lobby". We know he turns tail and blocks people on twitter that want to "debate" reproductive rights.

Godel Noodle said...

Didn't SUZYALLCAPS already explain at one point that the "life" in "pro-life" doesn't include icky poor people? I seem to remember something like that...

Not as enlightening as her tweet about the primary motivation for getting an abortion (to be able to kILL a defenceless, unborn human being! Not being pregnant anymore is just a kind of a meh bonus. The More You Know...), but still very informative.

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