Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mandos a Maiden?

Our Námo Mandos blogs Elsewhere.



Námo Mandos said...

But I still blog here too. :) There's lots of Mandos to go around, for values of lots that involve maybe a few minutes a week or something.

fern hill said...

I didn't want any of your fans here to miss your new post. ;)

Niles said...

We expect reviews of the Hobbit, aka That Which Employs Most of The Anglosphere Entertainment Biz.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I am sharing this with you here, because imo, it is worth seeing

I also expect that this is the kind of thing that will make Flanders head explode:

The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics


The RCC has not always been anti-contraception and anti-abortion (as you may already know). This documentary sheds some more light on the issue, and gives a history of how the church's attitudes have changed over time.

fern hill said...

Here's the link clickable. It's 45 mins. I'll watch later.

Thank you, Anonymous.

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