Wednesday, 21 November 2012


British fetus fascist and lying MP Nadine Dorries is the first contestant voted out of a reality show.
The MP for Mid Bedfordshire said she decided to take part in the reality TV show to get her controversial views on issues such as abortion across to the wider public. But if that was the case, she appears not to have won them over.

Her unpopularity with the public was clearly evident in viewers' repeatedly voting for her to undergo bushtucker trials, eating a range of gruesome delicacies including a camel's toe, an ostrich's anus and some cattle genitals, which the Sun recorded with the headline "GO NAD!".
Seemingly, anti-choice is as unpopular in the UK as it is here in Canada. Too bad we can't vote for SUZYALLCAPS, venomous homophobe and misogynist @LettingSmokeOut, or failed abortion analogist Stephen Woodworth to chow down on some bull shite balls.

(Read the comments at the Guardian link.)


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Or don't go at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Anti-choice is unpopular in Canada and the UK...

Yet, the fetus-fetishists have convinced themselves that 90% of people are really anti-choice, and that we just need a proper vote on it...that's all!

They are as delusional as the people who convinced themselves that Mittens would win the US presidential election by a landslide.

Beijing York said...

Nadine's feast seems wholly appropriate :-)

Niles said...

How long have you been dying to use that headline?

fern hill said...

I flat out stole it from the Sun. Now, how long they had been dying to use it, dunno. :-)

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