Tuesday, 23 October 2012

You Don't Own Me

Yes.  Sing it, women!

Funny.  I was thinking of this very song recently.  

Lesley Gore.  One of the original Riot Grrrlz in music.

And. Also this, too. via Sherry's tweet.

from Pat's tweet, merci!


Jymn said...

I especially like her final statement:

“I recorded ‘You Don’t Own Me’ in 1964. It’s hard for me to believe but we’re still fighting for the same things we were then. Yes ladies, we’ve go to come together, get out there and vote, and protect our bodies. They’re ours. Please vote”

deBeauxOs said...

So basic, so powerful.

lungta said...

the undecided voter (the deciding voter @47/47)
this time around in america
is a female
with no post secondary education
working a base line job
AND not watching political debates
ryan shirtless gets 5 times the results as
ryan policies
and ............sigh
i really wish both men and women
could be convinced that the one determinate of their happiness this lifetime
is the laws made through politics

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