Wednesday, 10 October 2012

We Agree: Defund!

Zygote zealots in Ontario are planning a repeat of last year's MASSIVE Defund Abortion Rally, but even MASSIVER this time.

Today, Campaign Lie held a presser at Queen's Park, sponsored by CON MPPs Rick Nicholls, John O’Toole, and Randy Hillier, who unaccountably did NOT show their support in person.

So, the old CON abortion peekaboo begins again.
Conservative Leader Tim Hudak admitted* last year that he had signed an anti-abortion petition in the past, but said he had no plans to re-open the debate if he becomes premier.
No, no, no, we are not reopening the abortion debate. It's those pesky fetus fetishizing independent-minded MPPs.
PC Finance Critic MPP Peter Shurman says as far as he's concerned, the abortion debate at the provincial level is closed. He says this doesn't say anything about the Tories being able to reign in members, noting there are 36 MPPs with minds of their own.
Now you see them, now you don't.

Mini-rallies will be held this Saturday, October 13, at 41 'randomly selected' MPP offices. All the party leaders will get a visit.

The MASSIVE rally at Queen's Park is scheduled for a Tuesday (October 30), so busloads of Catlick kids can get an educational outing at taxpayer expense.

I'd really like to see whatever media coverage the MASSIVE event gets to focus on that. A poll from June this year showed that a majority -- 53% of all Ontarians and 58% of CON supporters -- oppose public funding of Vatican Taliban schools.

That's the MASSIVE misuse of taxpayer money that deserves attention.

DJ! is totally behind that defunding effort.

* Hudak 'admitted' to it only after a old link to dominionist ARPA's rating of CON leadership candidates was discovered. Oddly, the link to the ARPA article is now dead.

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Pseudz said...

Perhaps Nichols, O'Toole, and Hillier think that this might be a rung on a ladder to the federal conservative part of their careers. More likely it's just 'monkey see, monkey do'.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee 'observed that Canada had failed to "adopt steps in order to eliminate discrimination on the basis of religion in the funding of schools in Ontario."'(Wiki)And, sadly, Ontario is not alone in Canada.

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