Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shameless Douchebaggery

I have no words for the crassness of this.

This would be fetus fetishist Mark Warawa making a smarmy reference to his motion (M408) to condemn sex-selective abortion.

The only regard CONs hold for women and girls -- especially those furren women -- is their worth as political pawns when there's an invasion or a mean-spirited foreign policy to try to justify.

Or a bunch of uteruses to police.



Sixth Estate said...

I believe what Warawa is trying to say is that if Canada passes a motion condemning sex-selective abortion, central Asian terrorists will stop shooting little girls.

It's an obvious connection. I'm surprised I missed it my first read through.

fern hill said...

Zounds! You're right! I missed it too.

So simple.

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