Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rob Anders' CONvictions

Infamous for falling asleep whilst warming a CPC backbench in the House of Commons, Rob Anders "beaked off" recently.

There was the predictable fall-out and, as one journalist mused, there must have been some vigorous "arm-twisting behind the scenes" to get Anders to produce a classic CON non-apology.  He did not retract  his spurious claims nor admit he had made a mistake by advancing fallacious information, but instead stated his remarks were inconsiderate and insensitive.

In the meanwhile, two tweets from Glen McGregor were intriguing.  One referenced a piece he wrote in 2009 about CPC MPs who had openly pledged to remain virgins until they married.  The other tweet  raised questions.

Who is Karma MacGregor? You may well ask.

A long-time CPC political operative it seems, now traveling on taxpayers dime.  Is she Anders' significant other?

It's really not the public's business whether they engage in high-risk activities like eating steak tartare off each other's quivering nekkid butts or chastely worship together at Charles McVety's church, united in platonic commitment.  Privacy issues.

But if MacGregor was given this perk only because of her dedication to the cons, would that qualify as feeding at the patronage trough?

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e.a.f. said...

those rules are for the others, not us, we are important people. ya, we said that but it was just to set an example for teenagers, it doesn't apply to us, we're important people.

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