Thursday, 20 September 2012

We Got Rallies, Mini-Rallies, MASSIVE Rallies, All Kindsa Rallies

Fall is a busy time for fetus fetishists and this year even more so.

First up, the second hour of debate and vote on Woody's Wank tomorrow (Sept. 21) and Wednesday (Sept. 26) respectively. (Note Kady O'Malley will be live blogging/tweeting the debate starting at 1:30.)

Also on September 26, the annual 40 Days of Harassment begins.

And in Ontario there will be a repeat of last year's Defund Abortion Rally that was sadly marred by the absence of Premier Tim ('I Will Defund Abortion') Hudak.

This year's Defund Rally, sponsored again by Campaign Lie, will be bigger and better. Of course.

They've done more preparation.
Since CLC Youth’s major Defund Abortion Campaign kicking-off last fall with a rally at Queens Park, we have been busy at work setting the framework for success. Since then, over 40,000 pamphlets have been delivered by constituents in ridings across the province, over 23,000 signatures have been collected for our petition in every riding across the province, and various members of provincial parliament have been visited by their constituents. Various MPPs are becoming increasingly sympathetic to our cause, with some even interested in taking this initiative further in Queens Park.

They've also added mini (ha) rallies at MPPs' constituency offices.
“This year we are kicking it up a notch. In addition to holding a massive rally at Queens Park like we did in 2011, we have also added a local element for 2012 with ‘mini-rallies’ across Ontario. These rallies will all happen on the same day, at the same time, to maximize the sheer awesomeness of this event,” said organizer Alissa Golob, coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition Youth.
Awesomeness? Sheer awesomeness? OK, then.

(Aside: How MASSIVE was last year's rally? Jim Hughes, Campaign Lie prez, personally counted each ff and came up with 2,300. Mind, this is the same guy who personally counted each ff at last May's March of the Feti and came up with 20,000 participants, when the highest any reputable source would go is 15,000, with most of the others citing numbers around 10,000. So, doing the lyingliar math, I'd guess there were maybe a thousand last year.)

I'm eagerly anticipating the annual push-poll they put out just before the shindig, for which they deploy more lyingliar math to assert that EVERYBODY, except Feminazis of course, supports defunding abortion.

This is the poll question that works best for fetus fetishists. While Canadians are stoutly prochoice, opinions on abortion funding split better for them. This poll from August 2010 finds that 39% support funding only in emergencies, while 44% support funding whenever.

The dates are interesting too, aren't they? Saturday for mini-rallies but Tuesday for the MASSIVE rally. Busses for Catlick school (funded by all Ontarians) kids are being chartered as we speak.

The irony of using tax-payer funding, a practice that 53% of Ontarians oppose, to protest tax-payer funding for something that 83% of Ontarians support -- at least in some circumstances -- doesn't seem to impinge on them.

One of the yuckiest features of this effort is the logo. A heart with toes? TOES? Are they promoting birth defects?

(Rats. I tried to enlarge it and Blogger wouldn't upload. I need to get better at this bloggery stuff.)

Anyway, I'm thinking I'll mosey over to my MPP's office to see for myself how 'mini' the mini-rally will be. If you have a mind to do the same, you can find addresses here.

The fun just never stops in FetusFetishistLand, does it?

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