Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pray'n'Phone Update: You Can Skip the Praying Part

On the Pray'n'Phone Facebook page a high-school social studies teacher suggests that making M312 a 'Christian issue' is not a good strategy.

To which Miles, the genius behind PnP, replies (bold mine):
Aha now I know how you caught my spelling error. You're a teacher ;) Well, I never meant to marginalize those who don't follow the Lord. I appreciate the fact that there are unbelievers who want to protect unborn children. However we have to be extremely careful when we start to appeal to science as the absolute standard or truth. Let's not forget that the original criminal code defining unborn children was based on the science of its day. What makes us think we have all of our science perfected today? Look into it and you will find that there are many scientists today who deny the fact that the unborn are human beings. No, we have to appeal to an authority greater than our diary of observations (science). We appeal to the Creator of human beings. Now we're not going to start a debate here, the last thing we need is a division. I put the encouragement to pray in there because it is the most important thing we can do. If someone out there doesn’t want to pray, then I guess they can skip that step. God bless - Miles
Yo! Woody! You getting this? Contrary to your long-drawn out wank about updating the 'old' definition of human being in the Criminal Code with modern science, your latest (and I do mean 'late') supporter thinks science is unreliable.

And there, folks, is why M312 is going to be Dead on Arrival.


JJ said...

Hahahahaha, say hello to Christian Sharia. Not that this is a bad thing ;) in fact, it's an excellent thing :D

You have to wonder what planet these people live on. Look at the comments with any article about Motion 312: one of the most common comments is "Stop trying to shove your religion down everyone's throat!"

I'm starting to think these people are all on drugs

ThinkingManNeil said...

So it's obvious here that this is less about the so-called moral arguments opposing abortion or women's health issues than it is imposing christian belief systems and by extension making Canada a "christian nation". Welcome to Theocracy 101, class...

Anonymous said...

Nice find Fern.... don't know where or how you great bloggers find this stuff, but so glad you do :)

Argument.... What Argument! translation *Screw Science*, defer to *Creator* and *Pray* ! Good to know! I wonder if this guy is related to Woody??

Pontificate & Dictate... is *their* science.


Godel Noodle said...

What makes us think we have all of our science perfected today?

This seems to be a common misconception (or perhaps more cynically, a common strawman). I've heard many Christians spit that atheists "think they have all the answers." If anything this seems to apply more accurately to extremist religious people, who generally have one of two answers to every question: (a) a wizard did it, or (b) we're not supposed to know that, so shut up!

Of course the answer is that NOTHING makes anyone think we have all of our science perfected today. If we did, any further scientific research would be pointless and redundant.

The tacit implication here seems to be that while our knowledge of the physical world (science) is still imperfect, our knowledge of the metaphysical world (religion) is perfect.

I *would* be tempted to ask, "What makes us think we have all of our religion perfected today?", but such a question would be grossly premature. Instead I ask, "What makes us think we have even the tiniest, single iota of religion even approximately correct today?"

And there's just nothing. There's what your parents told you when you were a kid and there's an incredibly ambiguous and self-contradictory book written entirely by ordinary, non-magical human beings just like us.

Heh... Then we get, "We appeal to the Creator of human beings."

Riiiiight... We appeal to this alleged entity by consulting the bible. Because the bible is the word of "God," which we know because it says so in the bible, which is the word of "God," so therefore it's true.

Sometimes I feel like I'm reading "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat" again when I read things written by religious extremists.

Berlynn said...

OK, so ^now I'm pissed! Those anti-choice fuckwads are trying to steal my acronym! Dirty fuckers! ^I had PnP first, even before what's his snoot at the CBC!

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