Thursday 6 September 2012

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The big push is ON! The scary new tactic that will 'innundate [sic] our parliament with a message they can't possibly ignore!' will be revealed tomorrow in Woody's Last Stand.

And now we're getting skert.

Yesterday, We Need a Law (Like a Hole in the Head) issued a media release on the MASSIVE number of petitions MPs are receiving.
In the last session of Parliament on almost 250 occasions, MP's stood up on behalf of their constituents to present petitions in support of Motion 312 and calling Parliament to "restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible". The number of signatories to these petitions totaled nearly 19,000 different names.
Nearly 19,000 different names!

Gee. This online petition opposing Woody's Wank also has nearly 19,000 names.

Guess that's a wash.

The letter-writing campaign that was aiming for 100,000 letters to MPs and caught a lucky break when the vote on the motion was postponed from spring to fall, now has 65,318 letters recorded.

The postcard people (you remember those entrepreneurs, don't you?) aren't boasting any numbers. But they have a Facebook page, with 146 likes!

You skert yet?

Pass 312 -- they of the Big Reveal tomorrow -- has numbers too!
An estimated 100,000 plus letters and emails have been sent to our MPs this summer urging them to support Motion 312.
Estimated, double/triple-counted, number pulled out ass. OK, sure.

Pass 312 has a (now) working link to a Facebook page. It's got 176 likes!

And more numbers! Pass 312 intends to unleash a 'Street Team', now with 65 members across Canada. I guess we'll find out what the Street Team is gonna actually do to innundate [sic] MPs tomorrow.

Well, we certainly hope they won't be innundating MPs with idiotic compelling posters like these. (My fave is the one with the bullets. How did they do that? Get the bullets to stop like that? Though the car seat in DANGER is pretty compelling too.)

I doubt MPs could withstand a barrage of such hard-hitting messages and images. Particularly terrifying is the ransom note effect. *snigger*

Stay tuned. We'll be on the Big Reveal tomorrow.


Sixth Estate said...

I've never seen that second ad before. It would be hilarious except for the subject matter. I wonder what other zany and implausible scenarios we can dream up and then demand a law for?

"Someone gives you a car with a special toxin coating the seats. It won't harm you physically, but in 3 days time, you will develop amnesia. Is this a crime in Canada? We need a law."

JJ said...

OMG, they're calling it a MASS uprising.


Beijing York said...

I like the poison water ad. If someone actually did that, they would be charged with assault with intent to do harm to that person, regardless of whether it's a kidney or fetus destroyed.

JJ said...

To go back to the topic of who's expected to vote for this POS, it looks like Leona Aglukkaq won't be voting for it, at least that's what I get from this terse little communique to the fetus fetishist in charge of the "PassM312" thing.

OTOH, this jerk says he supports it.

It looks like most of the Yes votes will come from the CPC backbenches.

I'd really like to know what Harper's up to while all this is going on.

Anonymous said...

Picture one is reminiscent of how good an aim #antichoice has been towards Doctors that perform Abortions. As for the other two I have never seen them before, and they just don't jive for me whatsoever to the topic at hand. Maybe its just me... but the connection is ineffectual on me. However, what these ads do represent, and further perpetuate is the unhinged intensity on HT M312, from both Cdn & US #antis; which I can only imagine as the days get closer to Sep 21st, the fervour will only gain more legs, and become ever more vehement.

As for the person accountable for all of this dissension and empowering this mania to start, continue, and end with; and any and all repercussions associated and resulting from this Motion, is Stephen Harper. The Buck stops with him, and only him. I know I will never forget come Election '15.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the fetus fetushists exploit a headless, de"humanized" (irony anyone?) woman to sadly attempt to make their pointless (pic #1).

I must admit I'm a wee bit impressed that this easy bake bun in the oven has the talent to balance five(!) asparagus spears on her expectant belly.


Godel Noodle said...

I don't get the last one. Defining a foetus as being non-human is as dangerous for it as leaving it in a busy street? If you left a foetus in even an empty street for a minute or so, it wouldn't make it. I guess it depends on what sort of life-support equipment goes on the road with it, though.

But even if it's some sort of perfect, artificial womb, I think the chances are quite high that it would get hit if it's left there for 9 months. Well over 50%. So because we don't define a foetus as a human being in law, well over 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage or abortion, and this wouldn't happen if our definition were different?

I mean, not that the other two are particularly coherent, but I can't even make rudimentary sense of that last one. 0_o

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