Tuesday, 11 September 2012


What the whistler whistles.
[September 5, 2012] Woodworth maintains that M-312 is not about abortion but fact-finding, and that Parliament should act on whatever evidence was presented by medical and scientific experts.
What the dogs hear.
September 10, 2012 – Motion 312 is recognized by many as having direct implications for the status quo on abortion in Canada.

Just so we're clear.


JJ said...

"Fact-finding"? What facts are they going to find that aren't already common knowledge?

Deliberately misinterpreting the CC's words "human being" to mean biologically "human" rather than the intended meaning (legal person) doesn't mean there are any facts that are in need of finding.

I am getting sick unto death of all the sophistry and lying from fetus fetishists. I really can't wait until this thing is dead & buried.

Pseudz said...

What a great picture . . . if he had a few more ear muscles, that puppy could fly!

When the Woodworth Wank finally dribbles its wee spew onto the green carpet of the Commons and becomes 'just an annoying cleaning problem' what will the choir that he's been singing to do? Wander off? 40 day wilderness trips? Switch to rye whiskey?

They're going to be disappointed, rudderless, and probably even more convinced of their own righteousness. Good grief.

Bad grief. May their movement shrivel and drop off.

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