Friday, 7 September 2012

Hudak Hits the Road -- The Low Road, That Is

That Hudork, what a class act. After getting his ass kicked last night, or as Martin Regg Cohn put it, after he was humiliated, look what he had to say.
Tonight’s result has shown that public sector unions from across Ontario were provided with the perfect opportunity to concentrate their resources and lash out against the wage freeze we’ve been consistently pushing. They bought Kitchener-Waterloo and now we can expect the rest of Ontario taxpayers to pay for it as the NDP cut more budget deals to keep the Liberals in power.

This is bad news for Dalton McGuinty. He rolled the dice with an expensive appointment to trigger a by-election to try and gain his coveted majority. He failed and taxpayers lost. Even worse, he put off taking the urgent action needed to deal with Ontario’s jobs and debt crisis.

Now, more than ever, as public sector union bosses further entrench their interests in this minority parliament, we need to keep the government’s feet to the fire. The Ontario PC Caucus will proudly standup as the sole standard bearer of fiscal sanity and private sector job creation in this province.
Unions 'bought' Kitchener-Waterloo. Really, Tim?

Oh, and that 'expensive appointment' McGuinty made to trigger the by-election? He didn't. Elizabeth Witmer wanted out of politics because her husband has cancer.
Elizabeth Witmer put an end to speculation about why she stepped down as MPP after 22 years.

She said her decision had nothing to do with politics.

Her husband of 32 years has cancer.

Of course, we can't expect him to apologize to McGuinty, but he might think about apologizing to Ms Witmer for tacitly impugning her integrity to get a cushy job.

In related news, Hudork is trying desperately to turn the page and will release some kinda policy statement next week on health care.

How desperate is he? Will he pledge -- again -- to defund abortion?

You never know with a class act like Pandering Timmy.

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Pseudz said...

Presumably Tim's tenure as leader(?) is looking a bit iffy. Damn the torpedoes,

Tim . . . blame anyone . . . blame everyone. What other job prospects have you got? Did you 'get-a-trade' before politics? Maybe there's still a coupla re-training programs that haven't been axed. OR, there's always the lotteries - they're a great pension bet. Good luck Tim.

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