Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The pathology of your choice, justified by religious dogma.

Oh yeah?

Well, I want a law making it legal and mandatory for men who believe they will sexually assault women because of the way they're dressed, or for those who have violated women for those very reasons, to be given skewers to poke their eyes out.

Problem solved.

Thus women can continue to dress *provocatively* if they choose to do so, without risking physical or emotional violence. The people who can admire and enjoy their *provocative* attire will assume complete responsibility for their actions and thus won't be projecting their own fetishizing pathologies or sexualized proprietary claims onto *provocatively* garbed female bodies.

Just in case you thought this was an exclusively islamist misogyny, check out the poster held up in the background by a christianist zealot.


Kirbycairo said...

Skewers to poke their eyes out . . . I like that. How is it that so many people (many women included) claim that we live in a society of gender equity when this stuff still abounds? My partner does a gender equity exercise in some of the adult literacy classes she runs in which she takes the local newspaper (of whatever city she is working in at that moment) and has the class look through it and count the numbers of photos of women and men. It is shocking to see that sometimes it is 90% men.

Thanks for the post, well said.

Anonymous said...

Not just the religious whackos...remember the police officer who lectured York University students to not dress like "sluts" if they don't want to get raped? He should have been lecturing the school to create a safe environment for women. Yet, the assaults continue. And to up the creep factor, these pervs run in packs. Whether it's groups of religious wingnuts voting in oppresive misogynist dark ages legislation in the "democratic" USA, or York U. assaulters operating in tandem, or our own MPs that slyly support #M312 by trading their debate slot with Woodworth keeping the "debate" alive over the summer, it's all about keeping the little wimmin in their place.


Sixth Estate said...

Yeah, that should work. I can't think of the last time a Muslim woman was "targeted for sex attacks"... (NOT!)

Yes, it isn't just Islam. I was living in a certain northern B.C. city at the time of the 9/11 attacks and an ordained Christian clergyman promptly sent a letter in to the local paper explaining how those attacks were caused by God as a signal that American women dressed immodestly. As a general rule my belief is that Abrahamic religions are hostile to women.

That said, however, at least in this case it isn't a Christian cleric, it's a Muslim one. I'm sure there will be plenty of people on the right who will be more than happy to trot this out as the latest example of why Canada's true mission in the world is to "save women from the Taliban."

Beijing York said...

Here in Manitoba we have the dubious honour of having a judge who basically ruled that a victim's clothes and conduct were a signal that "sex was in the air" and called the rapist a "clumsy Don Juan". Robert Dewar should be the one being investigated and not Lori Douglas.

Rob F said...

Excellent post, deBeauxOs. I agree with you and the others here... if you don't like the way someone's dressed, why don't you just turn away? Or close your eyes? Almost everyone's necks and eyelids are in perfect working order.

the regina mom said...

Last weekend was the annual country music drunkfest aka Craven Country Music Jamboree and some folks got their shit in a knot because women were wearing jeans with the back pockets ripped off leaving bare skin and undies showing. I thought, no way in hell I'd do that, but wtf, if they wanna get a weird tan on their asses, that's up to them. But no reason to get shit-knotted...

deBeauxOs said...

That's a new one.

It's amazing how creative human libido can be. Look with your eyes, fellas, use your words - politely and respectfully - to show your appreciation and all will be good in the world.

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