Sunday 22 July 2012

M312: Suckering the Rubes

Of course somebody has figured out a way to make money off Woodworth's Wank, aka M312.

A set of postcards to send to MPs.

These people have obviously done extensive market research into the prime target audience for this scam opportunity.
Here's a look at our newest postcard design which is now at the printer. We are very excited about the message on this card and believe it will have a big impact on those who read it. Besides, who could help but love that beautiful pink little baby!
Coz PINK babies are the most wonderfulest!

Order yours today!
Birth is not Magical - Full Kit
This kit includes 320 postcards, enough for all our MPs plus a few to give to friends so they can see what you're doing and write a few of their own!

Included are
• 320 (4x6 postcards)
• full checklist of MP names
• instructions

Pricing includes
• 320 cards @ $0.042ea = $13.44
• Canada Post anywhere in Canada = $15.50
Total = $30.00
Racist Christaliban entrepreneurs suckering the rubes. Ain't Canada a grand place?

(If you'd prefer to express your opposition to opening the door to decriminalizing abortion to your MP, here you can get pro-choice postcards. FREE.


JJ said...

But wait! There's more:

Good scam, wish I'd thought of it.

fern hill said...

I can't get that link to work.

JJ said...

Not working? Try home page

and click on "shop" tab

Beijing York said...

Way to co-opt the term "abolitionist". Also, calling it "human abortion" seems like a blatant attempt to define this as a human rights issue.

The uber Christians just love them home-based internet businesses where they can sell fetal portraits, funeral gear for miscarriages, memory dolls, etc. Much of the whole living off the grid, homeschooling and quiver mating movements were built on selling each other products.

DD said...

I may be misunderstanding the $15.50 for Canada Post but if I'm not then the scam is even better if they're charging for pre-stamped post cards since mail to MPs is free.

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