Thursday, 7 June 2012

Liars Gotta Lie

When the morning-after pill was approved, the actual mechanisms weren't well understood. It was thought that one way it worked was to prevent implantation, and since most definitions of pregnancy use implantation as the starting point, Plan B didn't cause an abortion.

But the lying liars insist that a whole complete 'person' is formed at the collision of egg and sperm, and so if implantation of the zygote is disrupted -- ABORTION!

From a report today:
Since then, the science has developed a much clearer picture of the drug's effects. Study after study has conclusively shown that emergency contraception (or EC) actually prevents egg release—and without eggs, naturally, fertilization can't happen, let alone implantation. Other studies have in fact shown that the drug is ineffective when taken after a woman has already ovulated. By this year, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics issued a statement that the three emergency contraception drugs on the market conclusively "do not inhibit implantation."

Will this shut the liars up about 'abortifacient' drugs?

Fat fucking chance.


Sixth Estate said...

Let me guess at the answer: even before implantation occurs, the soul is already on its way from heaven into your uterus, so this is neither here nor there.

So the only question left for the Woodsworth crowd is whether life begins at the time of the soul's departure, or the time of the soul's arrival? (The difference in average time to ensoulment depends on whether you're married; souls take longer to reach people who are farther from God's grace.)

I hope my thoughts here provide an important contribution to the debate over the Definition of Life.

fern hill said...

Ensoulment. Hadn't thought of that. Of course.

As always, Sixth, your thoughts are immensely important to that All Important Question.

Sixth Estate said...

I assume the demand for "more unbiased research" at that link actually means "more publications that agree with us."

At some point I wonder if they'll realize they're wasting their time here. There can't exactly be a large number of people whose opposition to emergency contraception rests specifically on the issue of implantation.

Godel Noodle said...

Aw, come on, Sixth Estate! You're killing me over here! I already spend too much time reading blogs, and then a post like this one comes along...

Lovely. Just what I needed. Another one to keep up with. Ok, lemme see... Maybe it's not as bad I... Nnnnghaaah! Crap. That looks amazing, witty, insightful. So there goes my career, I guess. I hate all you people. Hope you're proud of yourselves. :-(

(Still chuckling over "...on its way from heaven into your uterus...")

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