Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Fetus Focus Week on CBC

First we start with Michael Enright 'meditating' on abortion.

Then this morning, on the hour and half-hour news cycle on CBC Radio 1, we hear self-selective abortions could be on the rise!!! Yup, fetal gender testing discovered by CBC crack investigative reporting team SHRIEKKK!

And just to ramp up the shrieking, a quick interview with the doctor responsible for a male to female birth ratio study at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

"Our findings raise questions about why there are more male liveborns than female liveborns among Indian couples who have had two or more previous babies," states Dr. Joel Ray, St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto. 
All this is followed by a half hour devoted to fetus genome mapping on The Current.

Makes me wonder about the new Code of Conduct for CBC staff.


deBeauxOs said...

BY!!!! Happy to see your post.

About that pledge of loyalty for Radio-Canada journos ... a reliable source at CBC told me that the English union wasn't subjected to this.

In any event, that CON initiative may have been a response to the scathingly rigorous investigative reporting the RC show 'Enquêtes' did about the Harper government on several issues.

Apparently it's been withdrawn.

Beijing York said...

Good to hear it has been withdrawn. Sheesh, Harper really can't stand Quebec. Happily, the feeling seems very much mutual.

Niles said...

Same damn usual suspects intersecting in the anti-science and anti-abortion camps. For the CBC to come out concern trolling on the topic of quelle horreur parent selection of what fetus they want to raise is highly disturbing. It's too close to the talking points being dragged out and dispensed uncritically.

Beijing York said...

Definitely, Niles. What pissed me off most was the repeated MEME, there are no laws prohibiting abortion.

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