Friday, 29 June 2012

Charge Him!

Several tight-lipped -- not to say mealy-mouthed -- reports of an 'incident' between Rob Fucking Ford and a TTC streetcar driver.
A TTC operator was counselled about his behaviour after an incident with Mayor Rob Ford on Wednesday.

The driver got up from the  seat of the TTC vehicle he was driving to speak with the mayor,  which he should not have done, according to TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

“The operator was counseled, i.e. spoken to, about leaving his seat, which is not permitted,” Mr. Ross wrote in an e-mailed statement Thursday night. “The matter is now closed.”

The operator was driving a streetcar at the time of the incident, according to a report in the Toronto Star. Mr. Ross told the newspaper that drivers aren't allowed to leave their seats "to have a discussion of any kind with a motorist."

He declined to comment on what the driver said to Mr. Ford. The incident didn’t cause the operator to miss any time at work, according to the newspaper.

Mr. Ford did not immediately return a phone call requesting comment on the incident.
So, what the hell happened? Don Peat has the answer.

Gee, isn't blowing by open streetcar doors highly illegal? Yep.

And incurs a big fucking fine? Yep.

As a regular streetcar sacrificial lamb rider, I am incensed. Everybody who rides streetcars has seen near misses, pulled people about to step off into the path of an oncoming car back, kicked and spat at these scumbag scofflaws.

Thank gord, I've never seen a hit (not gonna call it an 'accident'), but I betcha several TTC drivers have. Like one I had once. The same motherfucking driver blew past open doors TWICE. First time, TTC guy yelled, blew horn. Second time, same reaction. (To cheers from passengers, BTW.) Next intersection, streetcar caught up to asshole stopped at a light. The driver got out, knocked on car window, and when asshole opened it, he screamed at him.

Asshole flipped the bird and blasted off.

To more cheers from passengers, the shaking TTC guy got back in his seat.

I'm betting he *had* seen the outcome of squishy human meeting speeding steel penis substitute.

It's no secret that I despise Rob Fucking Ford. Hysterical overreactions to comedians in his driveway and reporters near his house, public drunkenness, scoffing at driving and cellphone use laws, let alone his attempted destruction of a city I love.

Now I've had it. Well and truly had it.

Charge Rob Fucking Ford.

I have just begun.

UPDATE: From Don Peat.

MORE HOLY FUCKING HELL: From the update, Rob Fucking Ford called the TTC to complain about the TTC guy???????
The union boss said it’s not the first time Ford has complained about one of his members to TTC management.

UPDATER: The Star.

MORE: The Storified version from SolChrom.


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This is the third time that it appears Ford has broken a law Driving while on cellphone, assaulting a reporter ( yes that met the definitions of assault under the criminal code) and now this. How many chances does he get?

Must he actually cause physical harm to someone first or will he get away with that as well

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