Wednesday, 27 June 2012

BREAKING! LifeShite Lies!

In addition to the scourges of breast cancer, infertility, and insanity, tireless fetus fetishists scientists spinners have discovered yet another tragic sequela of abortion!

Abortion causes violence against women.

Except. Well. No. They've got it exactly bass-ackwards. (emphasis mine)
Because of this basic disregard for women’s well-being, I worried that anti-choicers would immediately start angling to find a way to use this study to try to bully abused women out of getting abortions those women deem necessary.  And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Life News deliberately lied about the research to make it seem that the abortion came before the abuse for these women, implying that the women brought violence onto themselves by choosing abortion.  In reality, of course, the abuse predated the abortion in all of these cases, which were taking the histories of women getting abortions.  By implying that the violence came after the abortion, Life News joins forces with wife beaters everywhere by using the threat of violence to control women’s bodies.

And this is why anti-choice claims to be “pro-woman” are so laughable.  You cannot be pro-woman while using the threat of domestic violence to control women’s reproductive choices.  You cannot be pro-woman while telling women lies about domestic violence and pregnancy in hopes they make choices that will usually end up putting them in more danger.  You cannot be pro-woman when you distort the realities of abortion and domestic violence in ways that will, if you’re successful, lead perhaps to fewer abortions but certainly towards more beaten and even murdered women.
The LifeShite article also lied about the participation of Planned Parenthood; it was part of the study. Its chief operating officer was an author, for cripes' sake.

LifeShite also said that PP doesn't screen for these situations or for 'coerced abortions'.

From a credible link:
Studies such as this can help portray abused women in a more positive and empowered light, said Penny Dickey, a study author and Planned Parenthood’s chief operating officer.

She said Planned Parenthood has done brief general screenings of its patients for about the last 10 years, and it will continue to “in an effort to figure out how to provide help for patients who are suffering, so that they know where to go and from whom to seek help.”
I have a feeling this is going to grow legs among the hypocritical 'pro-woman/pro-life' gang. Mrozek will be on it any second.

(Yeesh. Do NOT google images for 'wife beater'.)

h/t for RH Reality Check link to JJ


JJ said...

Lifesite lied?? Say it ain't so.

I've seen it for years, but still the obfuscation and outright lying never fails to amaze me. They are so desperate they'll go to any length to spin something so it looks like it supports them.

Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Why would they lie? I mean "don't have an abortion or else people who think like we do will pound your face in" doesn't sound like the kind of message you want to send. Is it since Planned Parenthood found out that the facts are one way, LS is forced to claim the opposite to avoid ever agreeing with them?

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