Monday, 11 June 2012

Bloviatin' on the CBC

Yesterday morning on the Sunday Edition, Michael Enright bloviated on the Abortion Debate (starting at 3:23, running to 7:25).

I made some notes:

Parliament is a house of debate, highest temple of debate in the country

Parliament should be able to debate on any subject

Bertha Wilson

Abortion is the most divisive, radioactive in US politics, we don't want this here

Parliament should debate any and all ideas

Limiting debate would reduce the power of Parliament, democracy itself
I was yelling at him throughout. Well, except at the very end about reducing the power of Parliament when I snorted tea out my nose.

M. Enright has drunk the KoolAid. Let's straighten him out, shall we?

Alternatively, there's a place for comments -- which are public after all -- here.

Damn. I just commented there, but didn't copy it first and now it's in 'pre-moderation' limbo. I'll come back with it, if/when it is approved.

h/t Niles

ADDED: CBC allowed my comment.
Really, Michael?

Parliament should be able to debate everything? Including Woodworth's disingenuous attempt to muddy the distinction between biological human and legal person with the sole purpose of recriminalizing abortion?

Parliament should debate the curtailing of some people's rights?

Because that's what this is about. Endowing fetuses with rights deprives women, aka incubators in this view, of their rights to autonomy.

This is known as a zero-sum game.

Let's have Parliament debate the rights of bloviating, entitled old CBC hacks to sully my morning with ill-considered baloney, shall we?


Sixth Estate said...

I think it would be great to have a Parliamentary debate on the subject. It would be nice to know which backbenchers are not only kooky but principled, as opposed to those who are kooky but still willing to put the Dear Leader's agenda ahead of their own.

opit said...

When one is looking at the powers of Parlez-Ment there is always the establishment veto ( Senate ) to consider. After all, one cannot guarantee 100% crooks cutting deals even in a system where they are regimented under leadership dedicated to re-election and satisfying the bagman.
In the UK there is a website called Biased BBC. The possibility - even likelihood - that our government broadcaster lies also should not escape us. But the background of smoke and mirrors needs suitable diversion.
Let the games begin.

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