Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wolf at the Door, Blades at Our Backs.

Re: the dust-up between Progressive Bloggers and what became Real Canadian Progressives.

I must have read this from Montreal Simon at the time but didn't keep up with the comments -- all 39 of them.

Tonight I read this great analogy from DJ!'s own Niles.
Mr Simon, no one blames you for wanting harmony inside the cave when the wolf is at the door. Trouble is, some inside the cave started talking about amputating part of a woman's personhood to throw out to the wolf because it wasn't like actually throwing out all of her to be eaten.

Except, those in the cave, especially the women, had seen that happen to other women in caves further south, only to watch more and more womanly person parts get tossed out the door to the wolf and many women could remember their aunts and grandmothers getting tossed out bodily and bloodily to the wolf.

Meanwhile, the cave owners decided such talk of expendable parts was ok for the cave population's intellectual entertainment, never mind what the parable forewarned and anyway, it wasn't as if the hunters would be affected. The women could just stick around the cave more and learn to deal with their restrictions.

So, when those who were looking at amputation said to themselves, 'we can face the wolf but we can't face the wolf *and* the sharp knives at our backs, it's time to find a new cave, no matter how risky it is' and the response was in essence 'typical selfish wussies for not wanting to hear the logic of how amputation will keep the wolf happy for an hour or so' fresh air sounded like a really good idea.

That said, I never came to your site from PB. I got here via links and blogrolls from many of the now ex-cavers and I found some of them off your links after I found I enjoyed your stuff and trusted your opinions (btw: 'allo to the M. Sebastien). I -coff- first saw the aggregator during all this spelunking. Guess I'm really behind the times, eh?
We say again: Women's rights always seem to be negotiable, optional frills.

No more.


e.a.f. said...

an excellent story & so true. As a woman I want all my parts & all my rights.

Niles said...

Eesh, I could use an editor.

Anonymous said...

PB=Liberal Party of Canada wanky touts.

Witness the hypocrisy of their opportunistic "interim, maybe" leader recently. No whip the vote re bill 312 (nudge, nudge, wink, wink to the fetus fetishist MPs in their party & all Canadian pinheads that might offer up their vote/cash) yet at the same time their P-BS style plea for $$ campaign because after all, they need your cash to protect the wimmin from the fetus fetishists in the other party.


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