Monday, 7 May 2012

Why AntiChoice is Wrong

AntiChoice is the term ProChoice attributes to those who believe, based on fundamentalist religious ideology and not actual science, that abortion is MURDER!

Wrong. Something that isn't alive cannot be killed.

Gestation requires the nurturing and the giving of life.

At the moment of conception, a physiological process begins. Conditions for a zygote, then embryo and finally fetus to develop from a blob of cells into a viable being have to be correct and appropriate.

The year before I gave birth to my daughter, I had a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. From the outset, I sensed that something was wrong. The physician I consulted when first trimester bleeding occurred asked me how I felt about the pregnancy and wisely suggested that nature would take its course. When I left the hospital - follow-up care after the spontaneous abortion was required, as placental tissue had not been completely evacuated - I felt a great sense of relief.

The following year, I was in much better physical and emotional condition and I embraced every moment of my pregnancy, even the weird klutziness of the last month and a fairly easy birth - which wasn't pain-free since I went into intense labour quickly and thus there was no time to administer epidural anesthesia.

Now, as much as I try to avoid the fundamentalist catholic dogma, religious glurge and glossy photos of anatomical detritus on display at @roseblue's aka Blob Blogging Wingnut blog, every once in awhile I catch a whiff of HER sanctimonious shriEEEking and pitiful bleating - particularly when SHE is pregnant. The irony of HER situation is quite amusing. HER moans and groans about the MASSIVE difficulties and problems of pregnancy would qualify HER for martyrdom, if the Vatican Taliban recognized that female tribulation as such, which it does not.

With M312, Stephen Woodworth hopes to criminalize a medical intervention which terminates a pregnancy.

Since 1988, women and healthcare providers have worked on the parameters of how, why and when abortions happen.

That works, with no necessity for "personhood" legislation for the "preborn". Only the Dominionists and religious zealots want the government inside women's vaginas and uteri.

Perverts? In too many ways to count.


Anonymous said...

I had two incredibly difficult, painful, debilitating, life threatening pregnancies. Out of WANTing children. I'd never dream of forcing that on someone who didn't want to willingly go through with it. Except maybe some of these anti-choicers...

deBeauxOs said...

Pregnancy and birth - as one would imagine that a process that can produce a live, human being might - is a leap into the void, the unknown.

Any number of pre-existing health conditions or problems can be triggered by the outpouring of various hormones required to support gestation.

A woman can experience a pregnancy that's a walk in the park and the next one can kill her.

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