Sunday, 6 May 2012

Where the Great Plains Begin...

Not everyone in the West is grazing on astroturf and bleating about 'we need a law'.

I present a Venn overlap between the feminist and godless spheres from 'the heart of the new west'<i>(Calgary has a motto yaknow...which marketers keep trying to change to something amazingly cluelessly crappier about once every two years...when they're not trying to market us as Calgary City instead of City of Calgary--because we're totally like New York City--but that's another topic)</i>

Woodworth's wank of M312 and conscience rights to refuse contraception are discussed for the first 25 minutes of the latest Calgary-based Legion of Reason podcast. It's informal chat between locals.

As a side note, I'm pleased there will be an official Canadian overlap of women's rights, actual science and the godless, May long weekend in Kamloops, BC.  Joyce Arthur of ARCC will be one of the featured speakers at the *sold out* INR2. Feminism proponent, PZ Myers (on DJ!'s blogroll; who,as a biologist, has had much to say on his 'Pharyngula' blog about favouring replicating cells over an extant womb owner), will also be featured.  He'll be bringing his White Hat he received in Calgary earlier in the year at a speaking engagement hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society. Derned Minnesotan actually looks good in it.

It's a fact that being an atheist is no immunization against being a misogynistic dork.  It's good to see strong voices and international efforts being organized from that angle to support women, educate those willing to listen, and counter fallacies.

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the regina mom said...

I was part of a three generations of feminists chat about women's reproductive choice last night at a social gathering here on the bald prairie. So cool to be talking with a woman who worked on the issue 40+ years ago and one who has just become active on the issue. Women's organizing crosses generational divides and we each walked away with something new. Beautiful!

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