Saturday, 26 May 2012

Successful Lawless Abortion

Amdist all the yammering about Woodworth's Wank (aka M312, or #M312 on Twitter), the question that still hasn't been answered is 'WHY?'

Why do we need to reexamine this issue?

As JJ points out, things ain't broke.

(Doncha just love #LawlessAbortion? Make it trend!)

The only non-glurgey hemi-demi-semi-quasi reason the Wankers can come up with is that the law is based on an old definition of 'human being', which in this context -- the Criminal Code, mind -- equals 'person'.

Old. That's all they got.

Let's help them here. Some old laws are bad. But they're bad not because they're old but because there have been scientific or social developments. Or they're bad because they are inefficient, slow, cumbersome, expensive, etc.

Have there been scientific developments in 400 years? Of course.

Do they affect human reproduction? Yep. It's much safer. A little understanding of germ theory goes a long way in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality.

But apart from some technological tinkering, reproduction is still pretty much egg meets sperm and we're off! Until it stops or is stopped.

Biology, aka sex and reproduction, pace Dean Del Mastrobato, hasn't changed in 400 years.

Have there been social developments? Yep. But none -- such as women's rights, LGBT rights -- that works to the Wankers' advantage here.

So, is this 'old' law bad because it's slow or expensive or wasteful or just plain stoopid?

I haven't seen any arguments along those lines.

Nope. That's it. That's all they got.


And maybe it hasn't been changed in 400 years because it's straightforward and practical. You know -- successful.


Anonymous said...

Repost from Emily Dee: We’re having a special today for all the priests and male neoCons; backstreet vasectomies - cheap! We'll do them all with an X-Acto knife and a piece of dental floss.

And so sorry, but that X-Acto knife is rusty. That means 700,000 guys will die every year from the ensuing infections. C’est la vie.

I believe 100% in my heart Harper is taking this country down the road to outlawing abortion. His evangelical church is against abortion and Harper's evangelical church has very close ties to this government.

p.s. God wants you to carry your kidney stones to term!

fern hill said...

Anonymous's link on maternal mortality.

JJ said...

"Del Mastrobato" LOL This is the first time I noticed that. Good one!

Seriously though: a fair-to-middling 2nd year law student would be able to shoot down the reasons they use to justify rolling back the clock and reinstating a regressive old law, after a 1/4 century of doctors & women successfully conducting their own business with no "help" from the state. After 24 years, there is now more than ample proof that a law isn't needed, and may in fact be counterproductive to the end goal of reducing the abortion rate. (See abortion rates in the USA.)

Tough row to hoe: Glurge vs. stats. But that doesn't mean relaxing even an inch of our defenses is an option, nonono.

fern hill said...

Here's a blogpost by a Canadian doctor practising in the US. Get yer facts on lawless abortion. Lower abortion rates, lower cost, fewer unintended pregnancies, more human rights.

Simple. No law is best.

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