Friday, 18 May 2012

Pity the poor Reverend Vellacott ...

Poor Maurice was blindsided by a MASSIVE fundamentalist christian furor against the SEX exhibit that exploded in dozens of phone and email messages (templates provided by churches, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, and possibly by the Heritage and Culture Minister himself).

And yet, his plan was simple: steal "borrow" the language of the anti-bullying campaign designed to protect GLBQT kids in schools and "re-purpose" it to suit his fetus lobby.

His thunder was stolen: Waaaah!

The Radical Handmaids did take note, however and posted this.

And JJ delivers le coup de grâce to the 'nads. This is the winning comment, surely.

More blog posts inspired by Maurice Vellacott, CON idjit.

Illustration source, here.

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