Thursday, 17 May 2012

Once more, Mrozek misses the point.

It should come as no surprise that anti-choice scold Andrea Mrozek is also anti-science and anti-communication about human sexuality.

In her opinion piece, she inveighs against SEX: a Tell-All exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology. She parrots the talking points stated by communications staff for Heritage and Culture Minister Moore and shrieeeks that the exhibit leaves out "true connection, intimacy and community".

Um, Andrea? The Museum's mandate "is to foster scientific and technological literacy throughout Canada," according to a statement from Moore's office.

In spite of all the metaphorical pearl-clutching expressed in Mrozek's piece, it appears that the scientific and technological aspects of human sexuality are very well displayed in the exhibit.

Given the very *special* fundamentalist religious *interests* she represents, one might assume that Mrozek would ferociously defend the gawd-given right of parents and communities to educate children with regard to sexual connection and intimacy. Why would she want the government to do that?

Oh. Wait.

Comically, Mrozek openly reveals her revulsions:
White plastic naked models of a life-size man and a woman recline, facing each other. Black light causes the models — and the white page I took notes on — to really pop. The instructions are to “locate 10 male and female erogenous zones by delicately touching each mannequin.” In case youth need help, the nipples of the woman are lit up with a purple hue.

Delicately touch each mannequin? Really? I call over a member of our research team, a medical doctor, to see if I’d understood correctly. Then we call over the public relations director of the museum. “Touching the mannequin” seems like a perverse dare for all of us. I furtively reach out to do what I’ve been told. Nothing happens. Perhaps my caress of the plastic model wasn’t delicate enough.

Right. Or perhaps anxiety-clenched fingers, sweaty with fear, aren't a "turn-on" for plastic mannequins. One wonders if Mrozek caressed the male or the female model. That's one "Tell-all" detail she clearly left out.

Added: What great inadvertent publicity for this exhibit! I expect there will be MASSIVE crowds that will turn out to see it, including adolescents under the age of 16 trying to sneak into the museum.

UPDATE: The local Radio-Canada investigation at the Museum on the provenance of the attacks against the exhibition confirms that 1) most are form letters and email messages and 2) most, if not all of them were sent by members of fundamentalist christian groups.


JJ said...


These people always put me in mind of that old Carlin routine ;)

Beijing York said...

SHRIEK. Science + Sex = SIN.

I am so sick of these idiots.

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