Wednesday, 16 May 2012

No sex please, we're Ottawans.

In the news today:
A museum sex exhibit designed to educate teenagers was just fine in Regina, but it's too hot for Ottawa.

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has raised the unaccompanied age of admission for Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition to 16 from 12. [...]

This change means the show will miss much of its target audience. Designed by the Montreal Science Centre, it is intended to introduce adolescents to the confusing world of sex.

That was supposed to include young adolescents who are just starting to experience physical and emotional changes of puberty. They will still be admitted, but only with an adult.

A museum spokesman said Wednesday there were "about 50" complaints about the show since publicity began last week. Some were phone calls, some were emails, and many of the emails had the same text copied and pasted.

The spokesman said no identifiable group was associated with the complaints.
I think members of Blob Blogging Wingnut and Tubesock Holocaust's special *Vatican Taliban* interest group - aka fundamentalist, anti-choice catholics - are responsible for the e-swarming.

Anything that might educate their children, encourage them to ask questions about sexuality and allow them to think for themselves is Verboten!

More on the War on Women and on sex that's not for breeding purposes.

I wonder if SUZYALLCAPS' zealot peer group will picket this film, à la Westboro Baptist Church, when it's screened at the ByTowne.

UPDATE by fh: Culture Min James Moore confirms his office bitched.

Added by dBO: shriEEEk!
"The purpose of the museum “is to foster scientific and technological literacy throughout Canada,” Moore’s office said in a statement.

“It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate. This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers."
From here.

Well I'm a taxpayer and I'm insulted that the Ministry for Heritage and Culture is controlled by sexphobic, religious fundamentalists and christofascists like Charles McVety.

Counter the RWNJ complaint letters with your own, and keep track.


Anonymous said...

Religious crazies try and fail to control their own children, so they yell at others to do the controlling for them...

FFIBS said...

Well damnit we don't want our children to learn about sex In a museum they should be learning about it on the streets, behind macs milk or on the banks of the mighty Humber river Luke I did.

Kayvee1000 said...

Bang on deBeauxOs !! Why should our adolescents learn about their own bodies and sexuality as they enter puberty? After all, we are living in the 21st century - aren't we?? or am I in the wrong time and place; or did we actually enter a vortex in which we have time warped back to 1950? and I'm the only one realizing this now?

Tired of these Right Wing Radical DULLARDS speaking for me. If I want to bring my 12,13,14,15 yr old child to see this EDUCATIONAL exhibit, that is my right, no??- this is Canada, no?? - this is a Democracy, no??

I think we rational Cdns need to start speaking out/against this 'dark shadow' encompassing Canada, starting at the top of the #cpc Shit Pile sitting on Parliament Hill, and CLEAN HOUSE!!

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading 'the purity myth' and its really interesting how the virginity/abstinence movement ties in with the hate-on republicans have for contraception and abortion.

a womans only worth is her sexuality
good girls dont have sex until marriage
when they have sex its only for procreation
if a woman like sandra fluke dares to use contraception, shes a dirty slut, and not worthy of being spit on
men are exempt from all this, b/c you know 'boys will be boys'
if a girl gets raped its her fault for looking/acting like a dirty slut

the entire movement is an attempt to bring us back tot he golden age of the American Taliban when women knew their place, were submissive, and stayed home to raise the children

Niles said...

They've been forced to make under-sixteens need an adult/parent escort to see the exhibit. The danger appears to be that when running wild through the museum in solo voyages, impressionable young people of adolescent age might be scarred for life when tripping over all this knowledge.

You know, the adolescents who aren't having sex before they're sixteen that can afford to go to museums are more pure than that?

Niles said...

A golden age that existed only for the income levels that could afford stay-at-home women and use their caged lifestyle as a symbol of status.

Beijing York said...

What frightening is how much traction that movement has gained in the last 10-20 years. When the likes of a REAL Women's researcher appearing on a discussion panel (CBC The Current) to discuss changes to EI is accepted with a straight face, you have to wonder how bad things are. Her take on dealing with new changes was to examine who is the prominent household income earner and do everything possible to support HIM.

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