Friday 13 April 2012

Vatican Taliban Child Pornographers

This is from the website of the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

Then people wonder why some boys grow up to be Russell Williams.

Link from this tweet. Grand merci!

Added: The man in the background is dressed in full Knights of Columbus regalia. I wonder if Stephen Woodworth MP has one of those costumes.


Niles said...

And if they can't get a live performance, they can rent Gibson's "The Passion" for a private viewing. More stage blood and realistic moans.

Wonder what Knights Who Say Kneel get for medals...

Anonymous said...

No surprise. What amuses Pope Maledict is good for his outpost branch managers it seems. Remember Benny leering at the topless young guys that came to "perform" for him? I know you do - you blogged about it :)

Here's the youtube:

Seriously though, these authoritarian creeps cause damage to young women and men that they carry their entire lives to varying degrees. For all the "won't somebody think about the children" bleating they do, these hyprocrites really don't see children as anything more than disposable objects from which to extract their immediate jollies.


deBeauxOs said...

Oh baby ... oops .... I meant to say, yes k'in I do indeed remember that YouTube, with the Chippendale guys.

Bina said...

Suffer the Children, indeed. Yikes!

fern hill said...

Oh. Look who's linked to this.

deBeauxOs said...

Shorter Blob Blogging Wingnut: It's not child pornography if it's based on the New Testament, no matter how perverse, cruel and sick it looks in photographs and pedophiles have downloaded the pix to their laptops.

So SUZANNE, you think these boys really really wanted to do this or did Catholic adults like priests and old creepy Knights of Columbus members facilitate this spectacle?

Niles said...

I suspect the kids were up for it, since:

a/ they've been doing church morality pageants since they were old enough to crawl (often resulting in extortion photos years later of baby Jesus in the manger) so they're well indoctrinated for it. (and we don't know what reward they get for the roles. Ton 'o' chocolate? school credits?).

This might be seen as more of an age set ritual because only older kids can take part. Or the cool teens might be sniggering in disdain as they huddle around their smokes.

b/They're teenage boys being asked to ham act in a Catholic version of every sword and sandal online game out there. This is presuming there is nothing more than 'show' about the suffering. And the outdoor temps are ok.

I *doubt* they're doing it because they're ecstatically pious like many of the adult re-enactors around the world, many of whom insist on real flagellation and nails driven in.

Given the indoctrination of kids from the cradle, it's no surprise Catholics are invested in saying there's nothing wrong about a religious sect's morality pageant... school.

...On school property the general taxpaying State helps subsidize. Which setting and indoctrinated kids the religious sect then exploits to politically influence governments to make everyone not-Catholic conform by law to the religious sect's beliefs.

Anonymous said...

gosh, yes, like they were equal citizens or something.

JR said...

When I first looked at the photo I was sure that it was taken in some Southern US wing-nut stronghold.

Turns out...not so much. Jesus ate a hot-dog, that's some far-out stuff right there. Sad for the children.

The young lads might have had some trouble changing but I'm sure that there were plenty of male teachers and assistants on hand to observe and make sure everything went smoooothly.

Isn't W. Kinsella is a Catholic?

Here is a nice piece by Naomi Wolf about the use of forced or coerced public nudity as an intimidation and control tactic of Authoritarian and Totalitarian states(and, one could reasonably assume, groups) with specific reference to the new strip search decision by the US Supreme Court.

fern hill said...

JR's chilling link.

Remember at the G20 police riot in Toronto, there were allegations of groping. Plus door-less porta-potties in temporary 'jail'. Really just cages.

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