Sunday, 29 April 2012

SUZY's 15 minutes

In which SUZYALLCAPS demonstrates her total ignorance of feminism and socialism despite her claim to having been there, done that.

Also on display is the hallmark of fetus fetishists everywhere -- economy of truth-telling.
Q: Were you vocal about being pro-life when you were a feminist/socialist?

Fortin: I was somewhat vocal online, but less so in my personal relationships.

When I ran as an NDP candidate in 1993, I didn't hide my pro-life beliefs. I told the organizer who signed me on, and I answered the Campaign Life Coalition questionnaire. However, I did not publicize it to my fellow NDPers. I suspected they all supported abortion and I did not want to create conflict.
Running as NDP and 'suspecting' they all supported abortion, eh?

Also. Stupidity.

BONUS: An astroturf site seemingly devoted to attacking Joyce Arthur, deBeauxOs, and moi. Witness another universal fetus fetishist characteristic -- complete inability to pull off mockery and sarcasm.


deBeauxOs said...

Jeez Louise, ya got me all excited about a new zygote zealot astroturf site and it turned out to be that stoopid, prevaricating M312 site set up by the Vatican Talibanny Mr TubeSox Holocaust.

JJ said...

From the fetoturf site: "Brian Lilley holds his own"...

... and the punchlines write themselves!

Kayvee1000 said...

Dear Fern, Joyce & deBeauxOs,

These attacks illuminate the pompous and religious dogma subscribed to by people that have zero tolerance for people that do not acquiesce to their pious, righteous faith. They represent benighted intellectualism, or in simpler terms ‘ignorance’.

The Persons Act (1929), our Cdn Charter or Rights and Freedoms and the Supreme Court of Canada have determined that I, and all Persons have the right to full autonomy over their own Person. This means if you choose not to have an abortion, don’t have one. If I choose to have one, MY womb is NONE of your business.

That is what ‘CHOICE‘ is all about.

One final note: Typical cpc/PRO-Lifer propaganda was the picture they chose of Parliament Hill on April 25, 2012, the day of the Protest. That was not the pictures I saw, especially of the encircling of men and women that took up all of PH. Was this picture taken before, after the protest? or maybe it was even taken another day (LOL). It was even bigger than this video shows


deBeauxOs said...

Who else's gonna hold it for him? Dame Ezra?


Niles said...

Going to be interesting to hear what Ms Joyce has to say at the convention in May at Kamloops, which is now sold out for attendance. She's one of the speakers.

I wouldn't say the 'big bertha' site is astroturf. Wouldn't that indicate a *massive*(TM jj) topdown rahrah trying to look like a bottom up effort? This seems to be just another yammering religiosly dissonated weirdass throwing the rocks they're not allowed to stone women with outside the abortion clinics.

It's certainly a display of leeching off the raised profiles of Ms Fern, DeBee and Joyce with 'no, *you're* the one!', with a smidge of Doing The Limbaugh ala Ms Fluke.

You all must be doing something right to get a turkey like this following you around gobbling.

I love how they've keyed on whingeing about how mature a debate would be, when they know damn well they're not about to debate anything. The most they'll do is play logical fallacy bingo and lie about science.


Anonymous said...

they keep saying this
over and over
"I say in a tizzy because it would appear they finally understand that they are in an extremely small minority, and the public is tired of the legal vacuum that exists on this subject."

pro-choicers are an EXTREMELY SMALL MINORITY

I guess they believe that if they keep saying it, it will eventually be true!

Niles said...

Repetition is a very old way of influencing people and it is used ad nauseum in religion because the religions that have survived, organically learned what effectively controlled people.

Our brains are generally wired for making a memory every time we absorb some sort of information. The more incidents/copies we have of the information, the better and more intensely we remember it.

I've listened to 'motivational' speakers of all stripes overdo this so much I've wanted to saw my wrists with a spoon halfway through, but all too often from the reactions of other attendees afterwards, I'm in the minority of seeing it for what it is.

Add to that the religious training most anti-choicers have, ensuring they uncritically accept anything that has their faith's authority tagged on to it, even while they are able to criticize other topics outside that sphere, and you have a perfect storm for cognitive dissonance with reality. Anything that disagrees with what they're invested in *must* be tuned out to save themselves mental conflict.

Anonymous said...

not sure if I got this lnk form here
or somewhere else
but yeah, fascinating
certainly explains why most hardcore christians Ive come across, esp the ones on FD are SO SO Racist, anti-poor, anti-woman, anti-everything that isn't rich-white-elite-churchman

btw, on the abortion thread on FD< some guy, 'paycheck' actually had the balls to say, in regards to a pregnant 9y, (and i paraphrase) 'old enough to bleed, old enough to breed' as justification as to why she did NOT need to get an abortion. and this asshole considers himself a christian!!!! sick sick sick sick sick

fern hill said...

Oh, yeah. We know about Pacheco/paycheck/TubeSock Holocaust/Mr Kicking Abortion's Ass. A real piece of work.

He's working a Prayer Assault on JJ.

Anonymous said...

haha, this guy is hilarious
I also get laughs from free_life2 who is seething with anger over the fact that government is secular aka 'atheist' and in doing so is secretly 'anti-christian' hahaha.

anyways, yeah, they love to tell themselves these lies:

1) 'pro-aborts' are in it for the money. huge huge profits in 'babykilling'

2) 'pro-aborts' cannot answer the question 'what if *you* had been aborted?' - stumps the 'pro-aborts' every time!

3) and of course, 'pro-aborts' are a teensy tiny minority of a minority b/c *everyone* is actually pro-life!!

that prayer assault stuff is classic
poor jj!

Anonymous said...

oops, almost forgot these!

4) pro-aborts won't admit that a fetus is human, b/c once they admit that, they must admit that they are murderers

5) every pro-abort knows that abortion is evil, deep inside, they know! (and they won't debate the subject, b/c to debate it means admitting that they want to murder babies)

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