Friday, 27 April 2012

Stephen Taylor gets Twitter smackdown

Nobody deserves it more than he does, and nobody is better equiped to smack down dickheads than @kady is.

This, of course, is all about the PMSHithead MASSIVELY mispoken observation that triggered the #HarperHistory hashtag.

More at the Toronto Star, via @SusanDelacourt and others, here, here and here.

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double nickel said...

What a fucking moron. That is all.

Laura said...

Hahaha. The video of Harper making that Hitler comment was hilarious. You can sort of see it in his face..."Oh crap, did I just say that?" Priceless idiot moment. :D

Ryan Painter said...

I actually think Harper has become so mired in his own self aggrandizing that he has lost a grip on reality. He really believes he is Teflon and cannot be hurt. The scandals are starting to pile up. Amazing that it took such a short time after a majority to rack up this slew of scandalous activity. It MUST be a record.

liberal supporter said...

It wasn't until after WWII and the removal of the nazi regime that the full extent of nazi atrocities become known to all.
This will also be true of the Harper regime.

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