Thursday 1 March 2012

What if. . . ?

The Contempt Party of Canada is denying and flailing and spinning and finger-pointing and lying and blustering. You know, the usual.

But these election fraud allegations appear to have legs. Pretty strong legs. Helped along perhaps by a pissed-off press corps sick of being regularly and routinely shat upon by Harpercons.

What if Canadians do ^NOT fall asleep again, as Stevie Spiteful and crew are desperately praying for?

What big guns will the Contempt Party Brain Trust pull out?

Could it be the abortion debate that nobody wants?

I put absolutely nothing past them. Stephen Woodworth's Private Member's Motion is coming up for debate sometime in March.

It is March.

Thinking ahead here -- if the motion passes and a stacked committee of parliamentary Fetus Lobby members is convened to listen to all the same old crap again, I have a suggestion.

Suppose they had an abortion debate and nobody came?

Nobody but the fetus fetishists of course.

They've been creaming their Depends since Woodworth raised this notion.

They'd all be lined up around the block to spout their lies, tut-tuts, finger-wagging, et fucking cetera.

Picture it. One after another, the Forced Pregnancy gang makes their depositions.

Charles 'The Homo Annihilator' McVety.

Margaret 'The Pearl Clutcher' Somerville.

Andrea 'The Mean Good Girl' Mrozek.

Throw in a few of the 'Tough Guys in Dresses' chorus.

And the prochoicers?

Do. Not. Appear.

They reply politely to invitations, if any, with 'Been There. Done That. Won. Thx.'

Just say no.

And leave the Fetus Lobby howling like this.


the regina mom said...

I remember a pro-choice protest from the late 80's / early 90's where one woman marched with the anti-choicers carrying a placard with the "Never Again" logo, the one with a coathanger and the red circle with line through it. It was so powerful!

I like this idea, btw. A Girlcott! Grrlcott?

Beijing York said...

I love it. Nothing says non-issue than no thanks, total waste of my time.

deBeauxOs said...

The prochoice side would also get awesome media coverage from what's left of serious journalism.

Woodworth's cheerleading squad? Only the speaking points at committee, stenographed by StunTV, Quebecor and NatPo.

Anonymous said...

And Tim Hudork's fear mongering "Dalton McGuinty will make it easier for wimmin to get abortions" robocalls kinda backfired. McGuinty is still Premier & Timmy is still a wishy-washy SoCon dork.


fern hill said...

k'in's link.

Woo. Making abortions easier to get. If only.

CanNurse said...

THANK YOU for this, Fern! With all that's going in the the general HarpCon universe, it's hard to get people's attnetion on this issue - which is exactly when they start their backroom plots. I'm assuming you've seen this, since I posted it on our big group. But just in case - sharing here again. And I know brad is hard at work at all times trying to shut down all the evil baby-killers. Seriously.

fern hill said...

Thank you, CanNurse. Yes, we've made note of the interview in your link. And we will address it.

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