Saturday, 24 March 2012

This is the future that antichoice CPC politicians want

When a government criminalizes abortion, forcing women to carry fetus that have stopped growing and to maintain toxic pregnancies that endanger their lives, the next step is to declare "unwed mothers" unfit to be parents and to facilitate unconsented adoption schemes such as these.
Since the National Post launched an investigation earlier this month into coerced adoptions between the 1940s and 1980s, dozens of mothers have said they were forced by social workers, medical staff and churches into surrendering their child because they were young and unmarried.

But some of these women say they never surrendered their child at all: They say they were told their child was stillborn or died shortly after birth [...]

A Canadian named Tina Kelly filed a UN report a decade ago alleging that, as an unmarried woman in 1970, she was falsely told her baby died overnight because of heart trouble. She claims she was not allowed to see her son, whose adoption she alleges was arranged by a doctor who took a bribe.

The Australian Parliament says the so-called dead baby scam happened there, and a nun in Spain was charged last weekend with allegedly committing this very crime over the course of the 1950s to the 1980s. During those decades in Canada, abortion was illegal or difficult to access, birth control was not readily available and unmarried mothers were seen as loose women too feeble-minded to parent.

An Australian Senate committee investigating that country’s historic adoption practices recently reported that especially swift transfers had a formal title, rapid adoption.

“This generally referred to the process whereby a married woman whose child had been stillborn was offered a child for adoption in its place,” says the committee’s explosive February report, which urged the government to apologize for forced adoptions.

One Australian woman named Valerie Linlow testified she was heavily drugged during labour and that medical staff told her she gave birth to a stillborn. Three decades later, she said a man knocked on her door saying he was her son.
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Beijing York said...

Disgusting. It all amounts to denying women autonomy over their bodies and their lives.

Anonymous said...

I was just checking the FD boards (its addictive, like watching a train wreck) again and reading some old posts regarding religious right leader James Dobson and I came across this gem:

"Here's a question:

Question: Why does pornography wreck so many marriages?

Question/Answer: Does the couple use contraception?

Answer: Yes.

Question: In marriages where contraception is NOT present, is there a problem with pornography?

Answer: No.

Coincidence? I think not.

But when we sort out this contraception thing amongst our OWN, we will be an unstoppable force, and the Culture of Death will begin to disintegrate. People will see the beauty of Truth, and will give up their wicked ways."

Certainly puts the contraception issue in the USA in a whole other light entirely. I have mainly just viewed it as both repubs and dems trying to take the focus off of the economy BUT, for the religious right, banning ALL forms of sex except that which is for procreation IS their goal. The more I read the words of the demented Xian Taliban the more sense it all makes...

opit said...

Frankly, I don't get the connection. However, being a non lawyer, I believe a charge of kidnapping would be appropriate.
I like the characterization of 'demented Xian Taliban' as they are both toxic to their religions of the same general classification : designer extremist groups to further an agenda.
You likely know the Taleban are a Saudi creation. In the U.S. one might think of the history of cults like the Brotherhood as being forerunners of the political aims of Dominionism.
So called evangelism in Africa is resulting in children being murdered as witches.

Anonymous said...

opit: by connection you mean dobson and masturbation?

pro-life parents should avoid dobson b/c he says masturbation is OK
but as we've learned, masturbation is against God's will as it teaches people to 'have sex for fun' and that leads to abortion!!!

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