Friday 23 March 2012

Slow Clap Movement

A man spits into the face of an Air Canada baggage handler during a wildcat walkout at Toronto's Pearson International Airport early Friday. The job action began Thursday evening and left hundreds of passengers in limbo after they had to disembark from several flights already on the tarmac. (Victor Biro/Canadian Press)

The wildcat strike started after the airline, which has had bitter and continuing labour problems over the past year with its pilots, mechanics, flight attendants and now ground crews, suspended three workers at Pearson International Airport on Thursday evening, setting off a chain of events.

The workers had apparently applauded sarcastically as Labour Minister Lisa Raitt walked through the airport on Thursday evening.

The employees were suspended for 72 hours. The striking workers said Friday morning that's how long they'll keep up their protest.

We Canadians are not a demonstrative people. We embraced jazz hands and/or twinkle fingers in places where failed kindergarten teachers Council Speakers banned actual sounds from onlookers.

But, now it appears we're getting seriously uppity-er. Making real noise. Real threatening noise.

Let your voice sarcasm be heard. Join the #SlowClap movement.


Anonymous said...

If an Ontario journalist and blogger inviting his readers to rhetorically spit in the footsteps of a G20 thug gets charged with "counsel to assault", then the Toronto police should charge that man for actually spitting on the Air Canada employee.

Now we get to find out if everyone gets equal protection under the law in Canada or if some animals are more equal than others.

fern hill said...

Holy crap! Go read that link.

Niles said...

Uhm, that story aside, why does the rest of that page look like an Idaho survivalist's panic site?

Niles said...

I'm not sure who the man is in the story or why he is spitting at the woman, but isn't he liable for assault and battery charges by doing that to her, especially in her face?

fern hill said...

Yes, there have been calls to get him identified and charged. I'll update if I find out more.

fern hill said...

It does, doesn't it? :D That hadn't struck me.

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