Friday, 30 March 2012

Lamest Tactic?

One of the oddest and lamest tactics in the fetus fetishist toolbox is the use of celebrities' support for or rejection of pro-choice values.

Remember when they went nuts over 16-year-old twit Justin Bieber's anti-abortion quote?

Today, it's somebody called Elizabeth Banks.
The movie Hunger Games is the most popular film in the nation and star Elizabeth Banks is already trading in her newfound popularity for a chance to get on the soap box and preach her values to the public.

Banks has written a blog for the iVillage blog series CelebVillage in which she talks about the birth of her son Felix, who turns 1-year-old today, via a surrogate. Pro-life advocates have long held concerns about surrogacy because it takes the focus off of adoption of children who are seeking good homes and because surrogates could change their minds about the surrogacy contract and decide to have an abortion.

Banks also credits birth control pills for allowing her to have her son and promotes their usage.

Seriously. Who gives a shit?

Lifeshite advises its mouth-breathers readers to complain.
Complain to Banks on twitter at or on Facebook at

Doesn't look like many of her 701,000+ followers are following that advice.

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